By Mike Steely

Don Burke is a man with a great sense for innovation and cutting edge technologgy. He has 40 years of diverse business experience, but the most significant times in his career were connected with his work in a biotechnological company dealing with hydrocarbons treatment. Recently he has started a new endeavor – a company, which is also connected with environmental protection.

Burke has never had professional education in the field of biotechnology and remediation, but has always been quick to learn and grasp the latest trends in technology. His business career started in Alaska. “Part of the success in business comes when you meet the right people at the right time,” said Burke. His business thrill and entrepreneurial spirit have always helped him in his work.

In Anchorage he started a firm called Biotech Services Inc., which specialized in cleaning oil spills. Together with colleagues from Europe, he managed to bring to the United States bacteria, which were aimed at cleaning areas polluted with petroleum and was harmless to the environment. This technology made him known in the business.

The business career of Don Burke spreads from Alaska to California. Now he lives in Knoxville, where he moved in 1998. His entrepreneurial spirit always made him dream of new business projects. He started with a small tree cutting firm and was happy to help people in the neighborhood. However, after restoring his ties with a business partner from Europe, he decided to set up a company, Allied Services Unlimited.

Burke’s company primarily deals with mold inspection and remediation, provides asbestos cleaning and other environmental services.  The fluids used to kill the organisms causing mold are harmless for people! The second division of the firm is connected with cleaning asbestos contaminated areas.

Burke is proud of his A Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau and says that much of his business comes from referrals either by word of mouth or the One Call Club.

“We’re unique because we provide good service, reliability, courtesy and punctuality,” Burke says. He stresses that the technologies he uses are cutting edge and are tested abroad, but are undisclosed and are not available to the majority of companies.

Burke’s company is fully certified for mold inspection and remediation. Besides, the firm provides environmental consulting services, expert evaluation of polluted areas, etc. Tree cutting services are not a priority anymore, but Burke still helps people out by clearing their driveway or just cutting a dangerous tree when his services are needed.

Allied Services Unlimited is licensed and insured.     You can contact Don Burke at (865) 388-3634 or (865) 859-0541. More information about the firm may be found on its official website You can also find some details about the firm online on the Facebook page of the company at