America’s new fascists, the radical Left

By Steve Hunley

The divide in the Democratic Party over support for Israel versus the antisemitism of the progressive wing of the party has caused some heads to blow off, but it has also revealed some telling points.  Many Jewish Americans are shocked, and I will be the first to admit I never expected to see people in this country parading around with swastikas and chanting genocidal slogans, but here we are.

It is amusing to hear the progressives squall about “fascism” and constant readers of The Focus will remember for Leftists, the new “smart” is just plain old stupid. Most of the time they have no idea what they are talking about as their connection to reality was broken some time ago.  They have changed the meaning of more words than I can count, and their hypocrisy knows no bounds and they are either too stupid or too evil to realize it.  Fascism is national socialism, which isn’t something conservatives in America pine away for, but it certainly is the stuff dreams are made of for the progressive Leftists.

The very same people who prattle endlessly about diversity, equity, and inclusion are ready to march against Jews, always ever ready to cancel and/or destroy the lives of any person who disagrees with them. Silencing the opposition is at the root of any authoritarian movement.

The honest folks on the Left recognize the problem and are calling it out, loudly and much to the surprise and dislike of the clueless progressive Leftists.

The fact is, the progressive Left in this country are the fascists who want to stamp out the right to free speech, extinguish civil liberties, the rights of individuals and impose their own beliefs on everyone else.  The progressive Leftist fascists believe one size fits all.  We’ve seen that in two entities which play an outsized role in attempting to shut down any opinion but their own: Big Tech and the great majority of the national news media.  The nationally run media of the Nazis and the Soviet Communists routinely lied to their own people.  The Nazi Minister of Propaganda boasted, “Tell a lie often enough, it becomes the truth,” which the news media here practices daily.

The same progressive Leftist fascists who cried that words can be violent, ignored or refused to believe the actual slaughter of innocent civilians in Israel.  Those same fascists of the progressive Left, have tried to make excuses for the brutal rape and murders of Israeli women and girls.  The very same people who cry crocodile tears for the civilians of Gaza being killed in a war started by the government they elected, barely blink, much less shed a tear for the slaughter of Israeli citizens.  The truth about these progressive Leftist fascists is as ugly as the reality of their beliefs.  The ends justify the means and any means is reasonable to exterminate any group or person they deem as an oppressor.

These are the same people who deride Christianity and Christians, but never open their mouths about a religion that sanctions the ill-treatment of women and the murder of gay people.  Oh, no, these are the same people who try and obscure their antisemitism by crying “Islamophobia.”

Those progressive beacons of diversity, equity and inclusion are in truth fascists who hold a rigid ideology and have a brutal intolerance for any belief but their own.  The fact is Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is as antisemitic as any real Nazi.  Why do you suppose so few fellow Democrats are afraid to call Tlaib out for what she is?  They don’t want to be canceled.

During the Covid crisis, the authoritarian progressive Left demanded absolute obedience and commanded everyone to take an injection and everyone to wear a mask.  Many of them believed what the elitists were saying; take the vaccination and you couldn’t get Covid.  That, too, was a lie.  Pointing out anyone who died of Covid and had been inoculated was to cause a fury of frustration because it violated their accepted political dogma.  The notion Covid came from a Chinese lab was instantly labeled a “conspiracy theory” and “disinformation” by Big Tech and the authoritarian left in Big Media.  Yet the Director of the FBI has since stated that is likely the case.  And just like every authoritarian government, just like Hitler’s Nazis and Stalin’s Soviet Communists, only they can discern and decide what is true and what is “disinformation”.  The evidence is already piling up that they have been wrong far more often than they have been right.

What civilized society can and would sanction any kind of pornography inside of schools?  We have a ratings system for movies, but subject matter, gay or straight, that reeks of pornography is obscene, period.  But these fascists believe parents should have fewer rights than the state over their own children.  Who ever thought we would live to see our own government label parents as domestic terrorists for protesting things they believe are inappropriate in the schools of their children?

These modern-day progressive Leftist fascists have a never-ending desire for the control of the government and the lives of our citizens; their loathing of free speech, and open antisemitism is becoming so readily apparent their allies in the national news media can’t hide or disguise it any longer.

Who is the threat to our democracy?  They are.  Who are the real fascists in this country?  Not conservatives, but the progressive Leftists who demand unquestioned obedience and one world view.  They want no diversity of thought.  They want no inclusion of those who do not believe as they believe.  Their notion of equity is resegregating our society according to their own vision.  Who is it that demands that every person worship at the foot of their fanaticism?  America’s new fascists, the progressive Left.