By Steve Hunley


The basic sense of fair play has to be chaffing a great many Americans, as it is more and more obvious the mainstream media is simply not going to give President Donald Trump anything even resembling fair treatment.  Former President Jimmy Carter told the New York Times, “I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I’ve known about.”  Carter pointed to reports that have questioned Trump’s mental state as going too far.  “I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation,” Carter said.  Of course the American Psychiatric Association and American Psychological Association have time and again reminded folks it is highly unethical for mental health professional to offer opinions, much less pretend to diagnose, people in the public spotlight whom they have never personally examined. Yet thousands of psychologists and psychiatrists signed a petition, which stated President Trump “is mentally ill and must be removed.”

The media have been hysterical ever since Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to win the presidency, something they predicted simply could not happen.  The media has never been able to accept Clinton’s loss, much less admit half the American people rejected the policies of Barack Obama.  The press has barely acknowledged the ground lost by ISIS.  Ross Douthat, a severe critic of President Trump, wrote in an article for the New York Times, “This is also a press failure, a case where the media is not adequately reporting an important success because it does not fit into the narrative of Trumpian disaster in which our journalistic entities are all invested.”

The media continues to be infuriated by the president gloating at its all too frequent mistakes, which usually occur because news outlets refuse to check facts in the rush to get a story thought to be harmful to Trump on the air or in print.  The breathless story about Donald Trump, Jr. being sent an encryption key to view secret Wikileaks emails proved to be untrue.  Trump, Jr., as it turns out, received the information after it had already been made public.  The Brian Ross case was especially egregious, more so because Ross apparently has done the same thing over and over again.  The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel posted a photo of a sparsely attended event, which was in reality packed to the rafters for Trump’s speech in Pensacola, Florida.  Weigel’s post included a snide comment, but when forced to admit the truth cheerfully confessed it was a “bad tweet” and that he should have been called out on it.  The fact he posted it in the first place, obviously with the intention of leaving a false impression, lends nothing to the credibility of the news media.  CNN has suggested the term “fake news” be banned, yet it certainly does exist.

The FBI has been proven to be certainly more political than anyone would have imagined.  Hillary Clinton could get away with calling the Whitewater Investigation as nothing more than a “vast right wing conspiracy”, yet there is good reason to suspect the Mueller investigation is biased.  The exchange of texts between Peter Strzok and his mistress, surely don’t reveal an open and objective mind.  It is clear both the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails and the alleged Russian collusion have been tainted by politics.  Nor is it any coincidence Peter Strzok was involved in both investigations.  Strrzok actively promoted dissemination of the sordid Fusion GPS dossier, which was paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC.  That highly question document, which was a perfect fraud, was the source for authorizing government surveillance of the Trump campaign.  Strzok, trade some 10,000 texts with his mistress, Lisa Page, an FBI attorney who was also connected to Robert Mueller’s Trump investigation.  Many of those text messages were anti-Trump in nature.

Bruce Ohr, a deputy attorney general, was quietly demoted for having contact with key figures involved with the Fusion dossier.  The notion an official in the Obama administration might be connected to an effort to destroy the GOP presidential nominee would be something of a scandal one would think.  Aaron Zebley, oftentimes referred to as Robert Mueller’s “right hand man” represented Hillary Clinton’s IT person, Justin Cooper, who set up the unsecure server in her home and took a hammer to her Blackberry.  Another Mueller appointee is Andrew Weissman, who praised Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for attempting to defy President Trump’s travel ban.  Nor was Weissman nonpolitical, as he was in New York City to attend Hillary Clinton’s election night party.  No less than nine members of Robert Mueller’s team have made contributions to either Hillary Clinton’s campaign or that of other Democrats.  Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is now apparently the target of an investigation for potentially having violated the Hatch Act when his wife ran for a state senate seat in Virginia in 2015.  Mrs. McCabe received over $700,000 in contributions from PACS with connections to Bill or Hillary Clinton.

All in all, it sounds like a vast left-wing conspiracy, but I’ll bet you’ve not read or heard much about it.