By Steve Hunley
Joe Biden has been president of the United States for barely nine months and if what a difference a day makes, Lord have mercy what a difference nine months makes! Just think, in that short period of time Biden has managed to cause America to once again be dependent upon foreign oil when we were energy-independent prior to his election. Biden approved an oil pipeline for Vladimir Putin while closing down America’s own pipeline. Jen Psaki, Biden’s redheaded and forked-tongued press spokeswoman, is content to say, oh well, yes gas costs more at the pump but the climate change crisis just can’t wait. That is likely cold comfort to the many working families paying the much higher prices at the gas pumps. In fact, gas is at its highest price since 2014 when Barack Obama was president.

The tens of thousands of American workers left unemployed by a scribble of Joe Biden’s pen are still waiting for the government to help them find new jobs, which according to the administration, should be abundant in the new green economy. Indeed, Joe Biden is proposing a $2 TRILLION tax hike to implement parts of the Green New Deal “infrastructure” package, which threatens at least 159,000 jobs of hardworking Americans. A Rice University study says the Biden tax hikes will kill two million American jobs over a two-year period. According to the Penn Wharton Budget Model, the Biden tax hikes will shrink the economy and lower wages for Americans. This brings us to the biggest lie ever told by Joe Biden (and maybe anyone else), “If you make less than $400,000, you won’t see one single penny in additional federal tax.” And only 7% of the “infrastructure” bill actually goes to pay for roads, highways, bridges, waterways, airports, and ports. Even left-wing media outlets like the Washington Post and CNN have called out Biden for misleading the American people with his job predictions.

The Left in this country either have collective dementia or have conveniently forgotten both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were originally vaccine-hesitant, as many of them were because they perceived it to be a creation of the Trump administration and something to be feared. It was less than a hop, skip and a jump for Biden to attempt to take all the credit for Operation Warp Speed and issue an ukase requiring federal personnel to be vaccinated. That, too, is causing yet another crisis as many employees are refusing to comply and leaving their jobs, threatening shortages in many professions, including healthcare workers, thousands of members of our military and law enforcement, which is already hard-pressed. According to the Daily Mail, some 28% of Marines are unvaccinated and 60,000 members of the Air Force. Biden’s decisions and mandates are actually endangering the citizens of this country. The hypocrisy of the vaccine mandates in the face of the open border and the tens of thousands of unvaccinated illegals pouring into this country is staggering. No honest person can argue with that, especially as the Biden administration has been sending the unvaccinated illegals into the interior of our country.

There was peace at the border where now all hell has broken loose and is a festering sore of hypocrisy. While the Biden administration requires Americans of all kinds to receive mandatory vaccinations, it allows hundreds of thousands of illegals to pour across our borders unvaccinated with a COVID positive rate perhaps as high as one-third. Yet the supporters of mandatory vaccinations and the Biden administration simply pretend it isn’t happening. And let’s not forget, Biden named his vice president, Kamala Harris as the crisis manager for the border. Harris still hasn’t even ventured near the border. The closest she’s come is flying over it. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, the guru of all things COVID to the Left and the mainstream media, quietly acknowledges the rush of illegals across our borders is a “major concern.” The Biden administration also claims to be one of transparency, yet the media has largely cooperated in a blackout of news from the border. It was Joe Biden who removed all the civil penalties for illegal immigrants who “fail to depart.” Biden has done literally nothing to stop the spread of COVID at the border. No following the science there. Nor would Biden, or the national news media for the most part, even acknowledge the situation at the border was a crisis. That term must have been reserved for climate change and Jen Psaki.

For a candidate who ran as a centrist and a unifier, he has done neither since taking the oath of office. Biden has repeatedly demonstrated a remarkable facility for toppling over to pressure from the far left of his own party. Initially, Biden had campaigned on the pledge of waiving the patents for the COVID vaccines for poorer countries, once elected Biden waffled until the progressives wailed and he twirled yet again as if he were on Dancing With the Stars.

Joe Biden’s super power seems to be breaking his promises, especially when challenged by the far left of his own party. Biden had been against federal funding of abortion for decades until he suddenly announced – – – in anticipation of a run for the Democratic nomination for president – – – that he had come around and was now for federal funding of abortion. Likewise, Biden had been against marriage equality, allowing gay people to marry. Then moved by some unseen spirit, Biden became possessed and urged Obama to support it.

The catastrophe in Afghanistan quite nearly boggles the mind. Biden insisted no general had opposed his proposed immediate withdrawal, yet all of them said they did when testifying before Congress. Biden either couldn’t remember or was lying, neither of which is good for America.

Now, for the first time since the Second World War, it looks as if Americans will face shortages in what was once the Land of Plenty. An armada of ships sits waiting, their holds full of cargo unable to get into ports. Store shelves in Los Angeles for Walmart and Target and the like are already empty. It seems doubtful products and goods will be unloaded as the Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration have persisted in paying people not to work. Who can possibly be surprised there are more than 11 million jobs unfilled in our country as this is written?

The Biden administration has always consistently refused to condemn anti-police statements by Democrats in Congress.

Biden had flip-flopped on packing the U. S. Supreme Court.

Even the New York Times has chastised Biden for his refusal to reach across the aisle to do as he promised and support bipartisan legislation benefitting the country. Instead, Biden has pushed an extremist agenda led by “The Squad”, most of whom are notorious anti-Semites. Nor has Biden or any other Democrat, aside from Congressman Ted Deutch, condemned the racism of the anti-Semites in Congress.

At last count, 89% of the Emergency Rental Assistance funds have not been distributed.

The failures go on and on. Now Old Joe Biden wants $3.5 trillion more of your tax dollars to spend. Why in the world would we trust someone to spend that vast sum when he has brilliantly demonstrated he cannot manage any of the tasks he has before him now?