By Dr. Harold A. Black

Joe Biden’s COVID speech was one of the most disturbing talks I have ever heard from any politician much less the president of the United States. In it he expressed more indignation towards unvaccinated Americans than he did toward the Taliban or the crisis at the border. Biden threatened the unvaccinated “We’ve been patient, but our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us.” He claimed that there are 80 million unvaccinated Americans that are a threat to the safety of the country. However, this number is clearly a fabrication. At least 40 million have natural immunity and there are cohorts that have a low incidence of disease. When Anthony Fauci who has a penchant for not telling the truth was asked why those with natural immunity should get vaccinated given that studies show that natural immunity conveys more protection than the shot, he answered “I don’t have a really firm answer for you on that.” Clearly, Dr. Fauci knows the answer but refuses to respond since he is firmly in the “keep them scared” camp. When you factor in the population of low risk – healthy adults with no co-condition and the youth – the number of protected people dramatically increases. So 80 million is a number intended to keep us scared in order for Biden and his ilk to impose draconian measures that enslave us to the whims of the state. At least we are not (yet) New Zealand or heavens forbid Australia.

One more thing is certain, if Trump had made a similar announcement, the media would scream “racist!” because blacks are the most unvaccinated demographic group with only 25 percent fully vaccinated. Thus, when Biden seeks to blame the unvaccinated for spreading COVID and tries to turn the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, he is adding to racial tensions. This is nothing more than in the long line of racist comments he has made over his lifetime including referring to his senior advisor Cedric Richmond as “boy”. Imagine if Trump had done the same.

Biden’s mandates exempt the Congress, the Federal judiciary, the Executive branch, the Post Office with its 600,000 employees and amazingly illegal aliens at the border. Nancy Pelosi while embracing the mandates for the rest of us, stated that for those on Capitol Hill “we cannot require someone to be vaccinated. That’s just not what we can do. It is a matter of privacy to know who is or who isn’t.” Isn’t it revealing that she refuses to apply the same standards to the rest of us? Isn’t it interesting that the pro-abortion “my body my choice crowd” is supporting the mandates where the government is trying to force vaccinations on the public?

In his speech, Biden referred to the oft-referenced “follow the science.” Yet where is the scientific justification for any of the mandates? For instance, businesses that employ 100 or more employees must have their workers vaccinated or tested once a week. Show me the science that says the virus kicks in at 100 employees.

Why do rational people not get vaccinated? One reason is that they do not think it is necessary. They are not in a vulnerable group and if infected, COVID is relatively mild. Another reason is that some are suspect that the risks are being grossly underreported. There are studies showing an increased risk of death stemming from the vaccines that have been censored by the compliant media. Many of us know people who have had the shot and have had serious complications. One of my closest friends almost died after taking the second Moderna shot. Indeed, Hank Aaron dying soon after being vaccinated may have played a role in the low vaccination rate among blacks. The third reason is that we have consistently been lied to by the government regarding COVID data.

The CDC has ceased being a scientific agency and has morphed into a political one. When it recommends that fully vaccinated people wear masks indoors, the unvaccinated rightly ask “what’s the point?” The CDC has yet to produce corroborating research to support that recommendation. Research funded by the government says one thing while independent research says another. The evidence indicates that there is no need for the youth to wear masks and mandating masks for school-aged children is akin to child abuse. The CDC with its 21,000 employees and $15b budget has done a shameful job of data collection and analysis. To wit, the CDC has manipulated data to push vaccines on those with natural immunity despite evidence to the contrary. These are facts. Yet the “keep them scared” crowd does not want us to know the truth. We should concentrate on protecting the vulnerable, people like my beloved mother who died last April at 101 with COVID but not from COVID.