By John J. Duncan Jr.

There was nothing conservative about either the Clinton or Obama Administrations, but the Biden Administration is starting to make them look conservative in comparison.

For many years, a statement has been mistakenly attributed to Sen. Everett Dirksen of Illinois, who was the Republican leader in the U.S. Senate: “A billion here and a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about some real money.”

Now, of course, Congress is talking about spending $3.5 trillion on infrastructure, and Sen. Bernie Sanders and his allies say it is not nearly enough.

The Democrats in Congress have become extreme Leftists when they consider a $1.5 trillion bill to be the conservative version.

I know that no one can humanly comprehend how much even one trillion dollars is, but we are now over $28 trillion in debt, yet the Democrats keep wanting to spend like we have unlimited money.

You can already see the effects of paying people mega-billions without working for it, and all this other spending like there is no tomorrow.

We are seeing inflation of almost everything. President Biden says he is not going to tax working people, but as Steve Hunley pointed out in a recent Focus column, inflation is the cruelest tax of all.

If this keeps up, pretty soon your money will not buy anywhere close to what it bought even a year or two ago.

One of the first moves Biden made was to close down a major pipeline project, destroying 11,000 jobs. This was a cave-in to environmental groups who want gas prices to go way up so people will drive less.

Almost all radical environmentalists come from wealthy or very upper-income families, so they can easily afford higher gas prices, but many middle and lower-income people cannot.

And now there are shortages of all kinds of products. One liberal was quoted as saying, “Americans are spoiled, and they just need to get used to a lower standard of living.”

The lockups at the California ports where most things come from were caused by the leftwing California Legislature passing two bills.

One banned owner-operator trucks from the ports because they are non-union. There are several hundred thousands of independent, mom-and-pop type trucking companies that can no longer help relieve the backlogs.

Another bill, pushed by environmentalists banned trucks built before 2011 from the ports. This hurt many small trucking companies which could not afford to buy newer fleets and also contributed to the backlogs that some say even threaten Christmas.

Then there is the chaos at the southern border. Under control when Trump was in office, Democrats seem to believe the only way they can stay in power now and in the future is by importing millions more foreign-born voters.

The problem is that half of the people in the world have to get by on $4.00 or less a day. So many millions want to come here that it would overwhelm our schools, hospitals, roads, jails, our entire infrastructure and welfare system.

Crime has exploded with too many young men not working and too much time on their hands and a welfare system that has destroyed so many families. Most felony offenders come from father-absent households.

Lastly, this administration has an Attorney General, Merrick Garland, who is so bitter at Republicans for keeping him off the Supreme Court, he could not even bring himself to criticize the Loudoun County, Virginia School Board for not taking action against a transgender male who put on a skirt and raped a teenage girl in the women’s restroom.

Mr. Garland put out a memo essentially calling anyone who expresses anger at a school board meeting a domestic terrorist.

But Gen. Garland’s daughter will be happy. Her husband has a company worth many millions that is now in 25% of the nation’s schools training teachers on how to teach Critical Race Theory.