By John J. Duncan Jr.

Tucker Carlson is the most courageous person on national television today.
Night after night, he takes on liberal and left-wing billionaires, anti-white racism, and other topics others are too politically ‘correct’ to touch.
As Steve Hunley wrote in the June 14 Focus, Carlson attacked the left-wing leadership of Knoxville’s mayor and city council which has helped lead to a higher murder rate per capita than even in violent Chicago.
Every city in this country and every state that has had liberal, left-wing leadership over the last 40 or 50 years is in terrible shape both fiscally and socially, and their murder rate is exploding.
The city of Knoxville will go down, too, if it keeps electing socialists to positions of leadership.
Tucker Carlson grew up in California surrounded by wealthy liberals.
In an interview with Chronicles Magazine in 2018, he pointed out California has more immigrants than any other state.
“Has it gotten richer and more impressive: No, it’s become less prosperous and more dysfunctional. It was the richest state in the country when I grew up. It now has more poverty than any other state. That’s not all the product of immigration, but is mostly the product of it, I think. They had the best schools in the county; now it has some of the worst. It had a thriving middle class, now they’re all in Oregon.”
Carlson pointed out on his June 17th show that none of the wealthy hosts on CNN and MSNBC live in minority neighborhoods but rather in some of the least diverse ones. And they flee to second homes on the weekends in even less diverse places.
In his 2019 book, “Ship of Fools,” which is probably the best political book I have ever read, he wrote that just a mile from Nancy Pelosi’s gated community in San Francisco is one of the filthiest areas of homelessness anyplace, with feces and discarded drug needles in the street.
When George W. Bush was still in the White House and there was tremendous pressure in conservative circles to support the war in Iraq, Carlson told the New York Observer that the war was “a total nightmare and disaster, and I’m ashamed I went against my own instincts in supporting it. It’s something I’ll never do again.”
Carlson has even had the guts to expose all the lies, exaggerations, and distortions about COVID-19, and he has had guests on who had family members killed or horribly injured by the vaccine.
He has spoken out against the censorship by high tech and pharmaceutical billionaires and has had medical experts on about low-cost alternatives like Ivermectin.
Many years ago, I wrote a column for the Washington Times about the biggest lie in American politics which was that the Republican Party was the party of the rich. Now, almost everybody knows that is not true.
Carlson said, “The Democratic Party is now the party of the rich. Eight of America’s ten most affluent counties voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, in most cases by a large margin. In Fairfield County, Connecticut, the hedge fund capital of the world, Hillary won by 20 points. In Nantucket she won by more than 30 points. In Aspen, Hillary won by more than 45 points. In Marin County, the privileged enclave across the Golden Gate from San Francisco, Hillary Clinton’s margin was greater than 50 points.”
Tucker Carlson currently has the highest-rated show of its type anywhere in the world, and I hope the powerful, big-money toes he steps on every night do not force him off the air.