Catching Up With Vice Mayor Tommy Smith

By Mike Steely

Senior Writer

First District Councilman Tommy Smith was selected by his fellow council members in the reorganization meeting recently to become the new vice mayor. After being appointed to finish the term of resigning Councilwoman Stephanie Welch, Smith went on to be fully elected in 2021.

The Knoxville Focus caught up with the new vice mayor and asked a few questions.


Why is it Tommy and not Tom or Thomas?

My given name is Thomas, but I’ve only been called Tommy, except by a grandmother who called me Tom.


You have been chosen as the new vice mayor. What does that involve?

Working with city council staff, leading workshops, and guiding priorities for council.


Tell us about your family.

My wife, Jamie, is the backbone of our family. She tutors young kids at South Knoxville Elementary and helps lead the PTO there. She does a million things well. My oldest son, Carter, was born in Ireland and loves science and friends. Kindness is his superpower.

Our twins, Avery and Caroline, are eight years old. Avery loves soccer, basketball and cars. Caroline likes gymnastics, art and dresses. My parents are amazing humans and recently moved to South Knoxville. I have the bonus of amazing in-laws too.


Where are you now employed?

Avertium. For better or worse, cybersecurity is in higher demand to combat bad actors. Our company protects businesses, municipalities, and other organizations from savvy cybercriminals.

Where and how do you and your family recreate?

We play outside a lot. Kickball in our neighborhood park, bikes at Baker Creek, and playgrounds at Suttree Landing Park.


What are your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy community. Helping people, coaching sports and being with people. I’m a huge fan of UT sports and Liverpool FC soccer. If I had a clone, he would travel to Europe a lot more.


Tell us about your childhood in South Knoxville.

I had the most wonderful, scrappy childhood I could ask for. I played youth sports, bounced around South Knoxville neighborhoods by foot and bike, and had two loving, working-class parents with plenty of caring school teachers.


How would you like to be remembered?

As a kind servant to others.