By Mike Steely

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, oil is a substance derived from the industrial hemp plant. While marijuana also comes from hemp plants CBD doesn’t have a high concentration of THC, the psychoactive part of marijuana that produces a “high.”

Tom Wyrick, owner of the newly opened CBD American Shaman in Powell, praises the many uses of its CBD products, whether as an oil, cream or edibles.

“We help serve the public and our community with an alternative measure to traditional addictive and harmful medicines with a fully natural, organic product. It has the ability to help millions of people with a wide range of symptoms,” Wyrick told The Focus.

“Myself and my business partner, Jeff Cody, feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to open a CBD store. We enjoy teaching the benefits gained from CBD. Our objective is to teach and promote wellness,” he said.

Wyrick explained that CBD American Shaman began because the company founder, Vince Sanders, had an uncle with lung cancer and was looking for a natural treatment beyond chemo and radiation. By the third month on CBD oil his uncle was in remission. From that point on Sanders made it a goal to produce high quality and the purest form of CBD available.

CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. CBD American Shaman products are 100% organic, gluten free and have no heavy metals or insecticides. CBD relieves stress, maintains focus, helps pain management and much more.

Applications of CBD oil and ointment can help acme, eczema, skin spots  and skin care.

“There is zero euphoria and no overdosing,” Wyrick said, adding, “a little goes a long way. There’s been lots of research and studies on the health benefits of CBD in general. We deliver as pure a product as we can with CO2 extraction to get all of the cannabinoids from the entire plant—which is referred to as ‘Full Spectrum.’”

Wyrick said a 30-day supply of CBD oil,  costs $59.99 or about $ 2 per day.

The CBD American Shaman store in Powell has in-store samples and is always happy to consult with each customer. The store is located just off Emory Road in the shopping center at 7549 Barnett Way in Powell.

You can call the store at (865)859-0223 or find them on the internet at