By Steve Hunley

Evidently the mainstream media learned not a blessed thing following the election of Donald Trump.  The media is abuzz with varying headlines, barely bothering to hide their continuing bias, impugning every choice Trump makes for his Cabinet.  For instance, take the case of Congressman Tom Price of Georgia, slated to become the new Secretary of Health and Human Services.  Headlines blare Price intends to dismantle Obamacare.  What exactly is surprising about that?  Trump campaigned long, hard and loudly saying he intended to dismantle Obamacare if he was elected.  One would think President Trump would be expected to appoint an Obama acolyte to serve as HHS Secretary to preserve Obamacare.  Of course nothing would suit the mainstream media better and naturally, they would start to abuse Trump for not keeping his word.

The media is howling about Trump’s selection of Betsy DeVos to head the Education Department.  Donald Trump wasn’t elected to install someone anointed by the teachers’ union.

Democratic presidents almost always pick people for their Cabinets who have decades of experience in government; for the rare outsider, those same presidents find folks who are ready, willing and eager to spend the taxpayers’ money.  GOP presidents are more willing to go outside and choose experienced businessmen to run government departments.  The mainstream media naturally prefer presidents to choose from tax and spenders and advocates for growing the government ever larger, because that is what they believe.

The media has attempted to dismiss or diminish Trump’s accomplishment with the Carrier plant in Indiana.  Van Jones, a CNN contributor, was quite frank while appearing on The View.  “And I’m going to tell you something as a liberal, when those factories started closing, did the NAACP come help?  Did Green Peace?  Did the National Organization for Woman, did any liberal group come?  We as liberals can’t be mad.  We didn’t ask them for a date.  We didn’t try to say come with me to dinner.  So then Donald Trump shows up and takes them out and now we’re mad.”  When reminded Nancy Pelosi had nonchalantly said there was no reason to worry that Donald Trump would be elected, Jones replied, “Arrogance and elitism, and I love Nancy Pelosi.”

The media still doesn’t get it, or is simply trying to get its own way.  What did they suppose Trump meant when he referred to draining the swamp?

When Barack Obama was elected to succeed George W. Bush, there was hardly a whimper of disapproval in the mainstream media lamenting Obama’s intention to push back, dismantle or replace Bush’s policies.   That was, of course, about hope and change.  They were quick to point out the Bush administration had been repudiated at the polls.  Liberals can gnash their teeth, cover themselves in sackcloth and ashes and wail Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate (which they certainly didn’t think before she lost the election), but the truth is many Americans voted for Trump precisely to roll back the Obama agenda.