By Focus Staff

Last week’s Veterans Day was not memorialized with a parade but city and county officials did their part to thank those that have served.

City Mayor Indya Kincannon spoke at a ceremony at the East Tennessee Veterans Memorial at Worlds Fair Park and Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs released the following statement:

“Any time we can remember and honor our veterans, it’s important that we do so,” said Mayor Jacobs. “We live in the Volunteer State and we should take time to appreciate those who volunteered to serve in each branch of our military. American liberty endures because generations of brave men and women have courageously stepped forward, making personal sacrifices, to protect it. Veterans Day is a tribute to all who served and a thank you for the freedoms we enjoy because they did.”

On Monday, Knox County Commission Chairman honored county employees who are veterans of U. S. Military Service. Here’s part of the proclamation:

WHEREAS, the Commission of Knox County wishes to recognize and honor the following Knox County employee veterans:

ARMY / ARMY NATIONAL GUARD: Aaron Allen, Henry Braden, John Brinkley, Buzz Buswell, Nicholas Carroll, Andy Collins, Corey Coppola, Mark Cunningham, Josh Dalton, Katelyn Darnell, Nathan Dickson, Paul Dirl, Adam Dowell, Steve Esposito, Eddie Gibson, Tammie Gottman, Michael Greene, Tyler Gresham, Ivan Harmon, James Harper, Jerry Hurst, Ken Irvine, Sean Mikal Jarmon, Lukas Kidwell, Levi McMahan, Bill Oliver, Steven Patrick, Jay Patten, Carl Poe, Leland Price, William Purvis, James Rexroad, Sean Roberts, Michael Rosenbaum, Bob Sayen, Jim Seay, Jim Seeley, Todd Sleet, Steve Sword, Chris Thomas, Warren Torzewksi, Mike Trydell, Kyle Ward, Chad Weatherford, David Willet, Landon Wood

MARINE CORPS: Caleb Bartlett, Dwight Blazer, James Brennan, Donald Duncan, Jake Ens, Joseph Felix, David Furr, R. Steven Gilbert, James A. Henley, Michael Holland, Thomas Humphries, Jeffrey Hunter, David Lara, Yasin Parris, Vincent Roncalli, Dan Russell, Hector Sanchez, Roger Schaeffer, Tom Walker, John Whitehead

NAVY: Douglas Canestrari, Nathan Dickson, Mitch Eisenberg, Tiffiny Gracy, Gary Houze, Glenn Humphrey, Jeffrey Hunter, Steve Klement, Phillip May, Ralph L. McGhee Jr., Nicholas Nemeth, Tyler Potter, Shannen Reece, Michael Reyda, William Aaron Richardson, David Sanders, Chris Sivyer, Nathan Stachey, Scott Terry, Darris Upton

AIR FORCE / AIR NATIONAL GUARD: Bryan Bates, David L. Cunningham Sr., Jennifer Judy, Bobby Law, Mark Lett, Darlene Martin, Charity Menefee, Tim Morgan, Melissa Noel, Mark Pack, Kelly Orr, Khristian Pickett, Jay Patten, Tom Spangler, Jeela S. Taylor, Randy Travis, Robyn Trostle, Diane VanOlden, Michael Woodhouse

COAST GUARD: Bryan Hackett