By Ralphine Major

They said, “Creed tore it up!”  I heard that comment referring to Creed Daniel’s piano playing at the Grainger County Tomato Festival last year.  The long-time Grainger County attorney’s talents are certainly not limited to the courtroom.

After graduating from Carson-Newman, Creed had the chance to play piano for a gospel quartet.  That is an opportunity most musicians would seize.  But, not Creed.  He chose law school instead.  The clients he has represented over six decades are surely grateful that he chose to forego a career in Christian music.

I was amazed at the attorney’s talent on the keyboard.  At 85 years old, he can still play all types of music.  Though he can read music, he does not need it.  Creed can just sit down at the piano and start playing.  If a CD is playing, Creed can play along with it.  The afternoon we heard him play the piano, Creed played numerous songs in any key.  No music required.  My favorites were the hymns, especially “The Old Rugged Cross.”  It is not surprising this lawyer can command the keyboard with such ease.  The Grainger County attorney played the piano at his church for 50 years!  (To be continued).