By Steve Hunley

Matt Shears, chairman of the Knox County Democratic Party, is up to his typical virtue signaling.  Shears sent out a press release recently with the shocking news local Democrats had cancelled their Truman Day Dinner and called on Knox County Republicans to do likewise with the Lincoln Day Dinner.  Democrats are pointing to the increase in COVID cases and any reason to grab a mask and shelter in place and wait for the next government check.  Well, Matt, where was your statement about closing the border to the illegals pouring across without even being checked for the COVID of any variety or strain?  Nope, not a word about that.  Matt, where was your press release chastising Old Joe Biden and his administration for providing the illegal aliens pouring into the country with COVID with bus and plane tickets to the interior of our nation?  Where was your heartfelt plea to your president to stop the flood of illegals carrying the virus?  In fact, in one border-town, 1,500 illegals with COVID went through there on their way to the interior of the country in a single week.  No, I don’t seem to recall your having said a word about that.  Doesn’t it seem a like a bit of a misplaced priority to be virtue signaling about cancelling your party fundraising dinner while folks are pouring into the country, many of whom are ill?  Tell the truth, Matt.  Do you really think it matters if Knox County Republicans cancel Lincoln Day to virtue signal while your own party pretends nothing is happening at the border?  It’s pretty difficult to maintain there is a crisis with a deadly virus running rampant when tens of thousands of people are coming into our country without being checked for COVID or the delta variant or the lambda variant.  In fact, there were 212,000 of them just in July, a record.

It’s really pretty hypocritical actually.  Did you issue a press release to scold former president Barack Obama for his big birthday bash on Martha’s Vineyard?  At one time there were supposed to be something like 200 servants waiting on the rich and famous there.  No, you didn’t think there was a thing wrong with that even though there was quite a serious break out of the coronavirus in Massachusetts.  Did you send Obama a note chastising him for dancing without a mask at his birthday party?  In fact, before the photographs were squelched, almost nobody there was masked up.  Were you horrified?  Was any Democrat horrified?  After a bit of a kerfuffle, the 500 person guest list was pared down to some 300-400 lucky guests. Yet, you call on Republicans to give up Lincoln Day.

Do Democrats feel a bit superior and smug about wearing their masks and talking about the Republicans celebrating Lincoln Day without masks?  Come on, Matt, if you’ve ever watched even a single episode of The Walking Dead there wouldn’t be an open border anywhere on the globe.  The Canadian border, at this writing has just opened with tough restrictions.  Seems to me it’s pretty hard to be superior and smug while being so hypocritical.  I’d remind you there is plenty of evidence out there the unvaccinated aren’t simply ignorant redneck Trump supporters.  In fact, I strongly suspect some of your own Democratic socialist candidates aren’t vaccinated.  There is also good reason to believe many people of color have been frightened by the idea of getting vaccinated and for good reason if you know your history.

I’m wondering how long it is going to take you to decide Harry Truman was such a terrible fellow that you have to change the name of your own dinner.   How long will it be before it’s the Ocasio-Cortez Free Food Fest for the Masses or the Bernie Blast or the Rashida Romp?  Of course, you could just call it the Smug and Self-Righteous Gather Together to Support Defunding the Police Annual Ball.  Or perhaps simply Dinner Dance of the Hypocrites.

Speaking of defunding the police, in yet another mind boggling example of hypocrisy of the Left best is Cori Bush, a member of “The Squad” of socialists in Congress, along with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Rashid Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar.  And has a single Democrat called out Tlaib and Omar for their rabid anti-Semitism?  Not as of yet.

Bush has been sleeping on the steps of the Capitol to protest the lack of an eviction moratorium.  That was until old Joe Biden caved in and gave the Squad members what they demanded.  As it happens, Bush, who is one of the loudest voices inside the Democratic Party for defunding the police, has spent $70,000 for special security to keep herself safe.

“I’m going to make sure I have security because I know.  I have had attempts on my life and I have too much work to do there, too many people that need help right now for me to allow that.  So if I end up spending $200,000, if I spend $10 on it – – – you know what?  I get to be here to do the work.  So suck it up and defunding the police has to happen, we need to defund the police and put money into social safety nets.”

Cori Bush clearly doesn’t give a hoot about your safety or anybody else’s for that matter, except, of course, her own.  Keep in mind, Congress has its own police force, but that isn’t good enough for Cori Bush who has employed her own security detail.  So has AOC for that matter and I don’t doubt Tlaib and Ilhan haven’t done likewise.  I do know that Ilhan has paid her husband, who is her political consultant, $1 million.  Had a Republican congressman done that, I can’t help but believe the mainstream media would be howling corruption high and low, loud and long.  Ilhan and Tlaib are two of the most violent anti-Semites in this or any other Congress.  Still, they have yet to be censured by Democrats in Congress who simply look the other way, yet they sling the accusation of racism with abandon at their political opponents or detractors.

Another statistic to keep in mind is St. Louis, Missouri, which is home to Congresswoman Cori Bush, has the highest murder rate in 50 years.  Yet the police MUST be defunded while a barely literate congresswoman spends $70,000 on her own security detail because she believes her life is endangered.  Bush represents a Black majority district, yet evidently the Black Lives don’t Matter as much to her because she is crying that the police be defunded while the murder rate has almost surpassed its all-time record which it reached in 1993.  The population rate declined in St. Louis after 1993…imagine that.  Why do you suppose that was?  People got the hell out of there to try and keep their families and themselves safe.

Knoxville’s own murder rate is, at least in per capita terms, greater than that of Chicago, yet we have city council incumbents who say funding for the KPD is sufficient.  Worse still, we have candidates running for city council who parrot the line of Cori Bush and AOC who insist the police departments must be defunded and the money put into social welfare programs.  Some council members at least acknowledge we are short 40+ officers in the KPD and something needs to be done about it.

Cori Bush is a perfect example voters get what they vote for in elections.  Bush exemplifies not only stupidity in politics, but also one more dedicated to socialist principles than protecting the very people who elected her.  The people of St. Louis got exactly who and what they voted for.