By Dr. Harold A. Black


My parents were not converted from republicans to the democrats by Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. In fact, they detested Roosevelt whose FHA denied them a home loan because the house was located in an all-black area of Atlanta. This coined the term redlining – the denial of a loan due to the location of the property. Roosevelt did not invite Jesse Owens to the White House after the Berlin Olympics even though the white athletes received an invitation. Truman integrated the armed forces but Dad could not forgive him for once belonging to the Ku Klux Klan and being openly anti-Semitic. My parents refused to be in the same party as the southern democrats who burned crosses, lynched blacks, enforced Jim Crow laws, and whose politicians shouted the N-word in political races and warned about the evils of race mixing.

However, blacks are now the most loyal constituency of the democratic party. But other minorities are also predominately in the democratic camp. Asian-Americans, Hispanics and Jews also mostly vote for democrats. One wonders why. Maybe it’s because the democrats have made the appropriate clucking sounds to minorities while republicans have seemed indifferent. Democrats have taken the advice of racists like Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger (who advocated the extermination of the black race) and have enlisted prominent members of the black community to push their policies while showering them with favors. So, these “spokesmen” become well off spouting platitudes and endorsing programs that make their fellow blacks more dependent upon the government.

Today it seems that the democrats are actively trying to alienate many of their minority constituents. What shift in black voting patterns seems to have occurred because of democrats’ hostility to school choice. The math and reading proficiency levels of all minorities – save the Asian-Americans – should be a national scandal. The democrats are endorsing a system whose result is to keep the masses ignorant, unable to read, write, do math and comprehend. Fortunately, human common sense prevails among many and some succeed despite the impediments put in their path by our “education” system.

Some Asian-Americans are shifting due to the democrats discriminating against Asians by denying them access to accelerated programs in high schools and admission to the best universities. Democrats are dumbing down education further by eliminating merit-based placement in schools, dropping gifted and talented programs and elite high schools and limiting Asians in admission to the top tier colleges.

Some Hispanics are also turning from the democrats. Although the democrats apparently feel that an open border policy should somehow, please Hispanic-Americans, it may be having the opposite effect – especially among the southern border where many towns are majority Hispanic. Recent elections have seen Hispanic republicans voted in and democrats voted out.

As to the Jews, a staple of the “progressive” platform is anti-Semitic through its distain of Israel and pro-Palestinian support. How Jews who are democrats reconcile this is beyond me.

It should become apparent to blacks that their politicians and “spokesmen” are in the pocket of the democrats. The fact that not a single black democrat has opposed the open border policy is illuminating. The Biden Administration is flooding the country with low-cost workers who take jobs from low-skilled blacks. This forces more blacks to be dependent on the largesse of the state – which may be the democrats’ intent. The silence of black democrats speaks volumes.

The policies of the democrats pit one minority against another. It is clear that the democrats curry favor of blacks at the expense of other minorities – except at the border. Blacks are pitted against Asian-Americans in education. Hispanics are the largest minority yet most democrat policies pander to blacks. Also, Boston just elected a socialist Asian-American woman as mayor who favors defunding the police, the Green New Deal and other “progressive” policies. Instead of praising the election of a minority woman, black progressives in Boston are unhappy because they wanted a black socialist to be elected instead.

Does all this portend a shift where we no longer assume a person’s politics simply by the color of their skin or their ethnicity? I certainly hope so but only time will tell.