By Steve Hunley

One question I’ve been asking myself is, “Does Donald Trump really want to win?”

If he does want to win, he really needs to focus like a laser beam on the four issues that I believe are most important to the vast majority of Americans: the economy, national security, immigration and trade.

Much of the mainstream media and the professional political prognosticators are wringing their hands, unable to grasp why Trump’s candidacy hasn’t already fallen completely apart.  Considering Trump’s mistakes — and there have been several — the national media cannot fathom why Trump still has an opportunity to be elected President of the United States in November.  For one thing, the media is used to having its way, directing and manipulating the news.  Believing they are smarter than most everyone else, the news media feels it has an inherent right to guide the thinking of Americans.  They do that by managing the news and skewing events rather than merely reporting the news.

Yet Americans are showing a growing propensity to pay little or no attention to the media, which has the media puzzled and horrified.  Polls last week showed Trump tied with Hillary Clinton in both Ohio and Florida, two vital swing states, and ahead in Pennsylvania, which no Republican has managed to carry since 1988.  And just so you know, the polling data came from a Democratic pollster.

With the people of Great Britain rejecting the almost universal drumbeat by their own media, which always seems to be allied with some elitist element, and voting to leave the European Union, politicians and the press alike have been stunned.  The candidacies of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have been fueled by the growing frustration of the American public.  Trump’s message on the economy, national security, immigration and trade is resonating with a lot of people who simply don’t give a hoot about the media’s continuing barrage against him.  For one thing, they cannot hardly demonize Trump to the point where he is as bad as Hillary Clinton.  Clinton’s rise in politics came right on the coattails of her husband; without Bill, there would be no Hillary.  Mrs. Clinton is the epitome of an establishment figure in a year when the establishment has continued to take a drubbing.  While not indicted, FBI Director James Comey’s scathing report about Hillary Clinton’s email use while Secretary of State certainly didn’t help her any.  The Clinton campaign can hardly mesmerize the public about Trump’s supposed failings and business dealings when Hillary and her husband have become stupendously wealthy and questions still swirl about the questionable dealings of the Clinton Foundation.  Even with the press and social media pounding Donald Trump relentlessly, Hillary Clinton’s negatives keep rising.

The frustration with many of the mainstream media, most of whom are on the left of the political spectrum, is understandable.  No longer can they direct and manage the news on behalf of the establishment.

If Donald Trump will avoid bullying, stay off Twitter and simply focus on the economy, national security, immigration and trade, he stands a good chance of beating Hillary Clinton in the fall.

Young people are graduating college and the number of them either underemployed or not finding a job at all is both frightening and appalling.  It is no wonder that so many young people flocked to Bernie Sanders who promised free college educations. Imagine coming out of college deep in debt from loans and finding no work.  The best thing one can hope for is a JOB.  America needs a healthy economy, something Barack Obama couldn’t deliver and Hillary Clinton will do no better.  Everybody can’t work for the government or pay higher taxes for the folks in Washington to spend.

We routinely hear some Americans blame the United States for just about everything under the sun.  Those people make it sound like the United States is a terrible place to live, but the fact is Americans have been the most generous people in the world, especially with taxpayers’ money.  Over the last few years, the United States has given Russia $380 million; Egypt got $1.45 billion; Kenya got $816 million; the Sudan $816 million.  Pakistan got a cool $2 billion and Iraq $1.08 billion.  In total, it amounts to quite nearly $15 billion.  Yet we are told we don’t have enough for a plethora of programs in our own country.

The media has hijacked any number of issues in this country to promote an agenda; immigrants, for one thing, are people who have immigrated to this country legally, otherwise they are illegal aliens.  Nor is the left particularly bothered by a Justice of the Supreme Court commenting on political candidates and elections, something no justice has ever done publicly before.

Again, if Trump really wants to win, he needs to focus on his message.  Hillary Clinton can only offer more of the same as Barack Obama, albeit more of it and likely more expensive.

Trump has the opportunity to speak for the tens of millions of Americans who are tired of liberal elitists trying to determine everything for everybody.  They actually believe they should determine how everybody else should live and have the firm conviction  that they are best able to spend other people’s money.

I cannot overemphasize how important our national security is to most Americans. Being safe in our homes, schools, places of worship and other public places should take second place to nothing.  Public places should be safe for Americans and voters need to keep that foremost in mind.

And finally, unfortunately too few of us don’t remember that the golden rule is neither red, yellow, black or white; it is golden. Do unto others as you would have them do unto to you.  That may be old fashioned to some, but not to me. That really is golden and abiding by it is what really matters.

Trump can win by focusing on what is most important to the vast majority of Americans: the economy, national security, immigration and trade.

Oh, and by the way, he should also inject one key ingredient that has been missing from American leadership for far too long: COMMON SENSE.