By Mike Steely

Senior Writer

“Dr. Neptune is a byproduct of me wanting to get turmeric into my diet and system,” said Ed Cook, a West Knoxville man who developed a health powder called “Dr. Neptune Fountain of Youth” and is now promoting it.

“I’m a baby boomer who has been a health and fitness enthusiast for over 40 years. I am partners in this business with my son, and I happen to be a U.S. Army veteran. Dr. Neptune is unique because it contains three supreme ingredients which are the herb turmeric, elite multi-collagen and fruit-flavored amino acids. When you mix this power with water it provides a very tasty hydration drink,” Cook explained.

Cook told The Focus that many scientific studies and testimonials conclude that consuming this combination regularly will result in an enhanced immune system, reduce most inflammation, has a pro-biotic effect, and promotes better skin, hair and nails. He added that Dr. Neptune also helps with muscle growth and energy.

“We’re planning more products such as a Beet Root mix. By producing Dr. Neptune I can contribute to the health and well-being of society,” he said.

“So far everyone has loved the product. I’m proud of this business as it’s honest and actually improves people’s health. I don’t want this to get too big because I want to maintain quality control,” Cook said.

Cook said anyone can order Dr. Neptune from the website,, or by calling (315)857-3209.

“We are working to get in local stores. It is produced in an FDA-approved facility using good manufacturing practices,” he said, adding that Dr. Neptune is generally for people over 30 years old who are active and make a personal effort to take control of their own health.