By Mike Steely

When is a dental group more than just a dentist office?

Edenfield Dental Group, at 2937 Essary Road in Fountain City, not only offers the dental services you’d expect but also specializes in treating special needs patients.

“We were established in 2004 for the sole purpose of providing comprehensive dental services for special needs patients using IV Conscious Sedation,” said John Courtney. Partnering with Dr. Michael E. Edenfield, DDS, Courtney, a Medical Hospital Administrator and retired Air Force Major, the group also has an office in Chattanooga.

The Knoxville office also has Dr. Brad Hall, experienced and highly trained in IV Conscious Sedation and Dr. Edenfield practices at both locations.

”We’ve treated more than 60,000 special needs dental appointments and serve the entire Tennessee Eastern Region, seeing more than 700 patients each month,” Courtney said.

“We take everyone and offer dental services for people in wheel chairs, the blind, autistic, etc., we change lives,” he added. Courtney added that the Knoxville dental office, located just up the street from Litton’s Restaurant and Central High School, is also now treating the general public and offering IV Conscious Sedations to them too. The IV sedation method is very safe and patients breath on their own, and have their vital signs monitored at all times.

The majority of special needs patients are sponsored by the State of Tennessee and live in the local community, in group homes or individual apartments.

“We’ve also treated thousands of special needs individual who do not require IV sedation and many of our patients have been coming to us for more than 10 years,” he said, adding that many special needs people have their own funds or some type of dental insurance.

Courtney said that family members or care givers are always permitted in the treatment rooms with the patients to provide a familiar face and comfort for the special needs patients.

Within the two offices is a staff of 30 people including visiting nurse anesthetists. The eight treatment rooms at the Knoxville office have no doors and are designed for the comfort and care of the patient.

“About three years ago a decision was made to open the dental practice to the general public, including TennCare patients, military or anyone seeking dental care. We are accepting most insurance companies and offer Care Credit financing,” he said.

“We don’t limit the IV Conscious Sedation to special needs individuals because the general public wants to also have it to reduce their anxiety and pain associated with dental care,” Courtney said.

“Our staff is very experienced and friendly and their focus is what is best for individual patients,” he said.

Anyone wanting more information can go or call the office at (865)686-0050.