By Steve Hunley
Shoes are beginning to drop as the mainstream media hurries to excuse methods they would have used to ruin careers and lives in other circumstances.  Tucker Carlson had as his guest writer and senior editor of The Federalist Mollie Hemingway last week and I found it both interesting and informative.  Ms. Hemingway has also written an excellent piece picking apart the once-esteemed New York Times’ coverage.  In her appearance on the Tucker Carlson show, Hemingway detailed quite a few items that have been almost entirely ignored by the press and shunned by the mainstream media.  Ms. Hemingway pointed out former CIA Director John Brennan, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump and a noisy booster of the establishment apparatus is plagued by a “history” of not telling the truth “about spying on Americans.”  Hemingway cited Brennan’s testimony in front of Congress where the former CIA Director insisted the dossier written by British spy Christopher Steele – – – and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign – – – had no influence whatever on the notion of Russian shenanigans during the 2016 presidential election.  Hemingway pointed to the fact both James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, and Mike Rogers, the former head of the National Security Agency, have confirmed the obvious: clearly the dossier was influential.  Hemingway was also quick to point out Clapper has his own problem with the truth, reminding Carlson’s audience Clapper told Congress the NSA didn’t collect and hoard data on Americans.

Brennan, who enjoys a presumably comfortable retirement income, which is augmented by a well-paid spot as a “contributor” at MSNBC; Hemingway said it was difficult for her to take Brennan seriously.  Hemingway reminded Carlson’s audience about James Clapper’s “inconsistent testimony about his leaking to the media.”  Hemingway noted Brennan had managed to remain largely on the sidelines “until recently” and it became clear “people are starting to piece together just how integral he was to the entire Russian narrative.”  Hemingway also addressed a topic that is beginning to dribble into the news, which is the Obama administration likely utilized the FBI and CIA to collude together in an effort to help Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump.  There are now admissions there was at least one spy planted inside the Trump campaign and quite possibly several others, along with surveillance of the Trump campaign.

Mollie Hemingway stated it was John Brennan who launched the investigation, as well as briefed former senator Harry Reid.  Reid has said he believed Brennan briefed him specifically so that he would leak the story to the news media, which would in turn put more pressure on then-FBI Director James Comey.

Hemingway has laid bare the effort by the New York Times to get in front of pieces of the story in a piece blatantly written to defend spying by the FBI on the Trump campaign.  Don’t forget, it wasn’t so long ago that the mainstream media was treating the notion that the Trump campaign or candidate having been under surveillance was akin to wearing an aluminum foil hat and bellowing one was receiving secret messages from the fillings in one’s teeth.  The FBI in fact worried about Trump getting a whiff of the dirty tricks and it might give credence to his claim about the 2016 presidential election being rigged.  Imagine that.  Hemingway details just how the Washington Post conveniently published a story revealing the names of those secretly funding the Fusion GPS dossier precisely because their identities were about to be revealed in any event.  The New York Times in its most recent story managed to leave out the fact the dossier had been paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  Mollie Hemingway pieces together a litany of sensitive information being strategically leaked to sympathetic reporters and friendly publications who routinely leave out significant facts, lard the stories with egregious errors and reassuring quotes in an effort to soften the blow and mislead Americans.

A year later there is still no shred of evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  The New Yorks Times story likely was published to take away attention from a report by the FBI Inspector General, an Obama appointee.  The FBI is presently engaged in attempting to stonewall Congress and a comparison between J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI that spied on American citizens like Dr. Martin Luther King and leaked information to damage reputations and careers and today’s FBI is eerily similar.  As Mollie Hemingway has written, the Department of Justice piously insists the identity of the “government informant” who spied on the Trump campaign is too sensitive to be shared with Congress, but they have no hesitation in leaking the information to the New York Times and the Washington Post.

As Mollie Hemingway demolishes the hypocrisy and lying of the New York Times, she raises an issue which should concern every American.  In the mainstream media’s rush to do anything to drive President Trump from office, they sanction using law enforcement and intelligence agencies against American citizens, something the left in this country once denounced vociferously.  When Americans are being spied upon for their political beliefs and the organizations to which they belong, it is nothing less than McCarthyism.  Hitler’s Nazi government did it in Germany and in fact virtually every dictatorship on the planet has done the same thing.  Yet far too many Americans think it can never happen here.  It already has.