By Steve Hunley

For the last two years, the mainstream media has been pushing the story the President of the United States was a Russian agent, elected by Russian interests while at the same time they have paid less attention to high ranking officials in the Justice Department, the CIA and the FBI who were clearly engaged in nothing less than an attempt to overthrow the government.  These same officials have been proven to have repeatedly lied under oath, misled or misinformed, which is a very generous term, other federal officials, including Congress, tried to influence the outcome of an election, as well as undo the result of that election.

Of course we have seen some of these folks attempt to wrap their actions in the flag.  James Comey points to a “higher duty” while Andrew McCabe says “the threat” to the country was too great.  Of course the bottom line is the American people had elected a president of whom neither Comey nor McCabe approved.  That was the problem.  Comey had no legal right to make the announcement Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted and no authority to determine that.  The fact a disgusting dossier authored by a discredited former British spy would be circulated throughout the media and high government circles is bad enough, but it was also used as the basis for falsely securing a FISA warrant, which was the beginning of this entire mess.  The fact the dossier was paid for as opposition research by the Clinton campaign has been glossed over time and again by the media.  There is not a shred of evidence of the supposed Russian collusion between Donald Trump and the Putin regime precisely because it never happened and was a lie from the start.

The actor Jussie Smollett’s apparent hoax in faking a hate crime – – – Smollett is a gay African-American man – – – evidently was to serve two purposes; one to increase his pay on his television show, but perhaps more importantly, to blame supporters of President Trump for having committed a hate crime.  Smollett’s intended victims were those who wear MAGA hats and the President.  From all the available evidence – – – and Chief Eddie Johnson of the Chicago Police Department seemed pretty thorough – – – Smollett’s hoax was entirely premeditated.  Naturally, Smollett’s defense may well have something to do with mental issues or drug addiction and I have no doubt he will avoid prison time, but his faking a hate crime, which was well thought out is heinous.  It does not bode well either for the future or the country.