By Dr. Harold A. Black

That Anthony Fauci is truth-challenged should come as no surprise since he is a life-long unelected politician. The old adage now applies: how can you tell if Fauci is lying? His lips are moving. If you disagree I am open to arguments to the contrary. If you are convincing, I will issue a retraction. There was the denial of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab. Fauci denied it. He lied. There are hundreds of pages of information from the NIH that showed that federal grant money was used to fund bat coronavirus research in the Chinese lab. One leading scientist has said that Fauci is a “serial liar.”

Consider his recommendations. He said coronavirus is not a major threat and it’s not something the citizens should be worried about.” He once said that healthy people should not be wearing masks. He defends his recommendations arguing that science changes over time. Speaking of science, recall when he said that to criticize him was to criticize science? Yet despite all evidence to the contrary, he is recommending that vaccines and boosters be given to babies as young as six months old. This is sheer lunacy.

He is the grinch that tried to steal Christmas, urging at first that Americans not to get together for the holidays and later saying that it is OK if everyone is fully vaccinated and masked. Get serious. He advocated lockdowns, shutting down schools and masking of children. There are also over 60 studies showing that lockdowns had no impact on Covid death rates.  It makes me think that he is in the pocket of Big Pharma.

The media protects Fauci. Those that challenged him were attacked and de-platformed. YouTube permanently deplatformed Dan Bongino for stating that masks were “useless.” You were supposed to wear masks indoors. People were being harassed for not wearing masks outdoors even though the science indicated that it was not effective to do so. First the mask wearing was tied to the unvaccinated and lately they are saying that mask wearing should occur amongst the vaccinated. Go figure. That indicates that the vaccines are not actually vaccines. They do not prevent folks from contracting the disease. Rather, if they just lessen the severity of Covid, then they should be classified as therapeutics.

There is the recommendation that people should use a self-test if they are going out in public. I found it somewhat amusing when I saw pictures of long lines waiting to be tested. Why? If you self-test positive and are nonsymptomatic, what should you do? Surely you should not run to the hospital. If you test negative, just remember you have been standing in a line with hundreds of people and could be positive the next day.

What happened to natural immunity? Remember when Fauci said that we would reach herd immunity with vaccines coupled with natural immunity? He is now ignoring natural immunity and is going full bore with vaccinations – even for those who have already had Covid. This is despite the evidence that those with natural immunity who get vaccinated may have serious aftereffects. In fact, everyone I know who has had an adverse and sometimes life threatening reaction to the vaccines has previously had Covid. There is also evidence from Israeli studies that natural immunity is 27 times stronger and lasts longer than the vaccines.

There is considerable evidence that Fauci’s advice will actually prolong the disease and may strengthen it. Some scientists are now recommending abandoning social distancing and masking – like they have done in Sweden. They also suggest that only the vulnerable consider being vaccinated – mainly the elderly with co-conditions. Since the dominant variant is omicron which is a mild Covid often likened to having a cold, the scientists say that the spreading of omicron will lead to a super immunity and we prevent it at our peril. To date I have not heard Fouci endorse this position but stay tuned.