By John J. Duncan Jr.


This past Wednesday, the recently retired head of U.S. immigration said we are now paying $5,000,000 a day for a company to not build a wall on our southern border.

There are things that have happened over the last several months and that are going on today that I find hard to believe, such as:

  1. The largest healthcare provider in New York firing 1400 medical workers for refusing to get a vaccination that has killed more than 8,000 Americans (lowest estimate) and injured several hundred thousand more.
  2. A Marine Lt. Col. Being thrown into jail for publicly criticizing the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan even though he has served honorably for over 17 years.
  3. Paying mega-billions to people without working, leading to inflation that appears to be headed higher, and causing all funds of shortages due to so many being unwilling to work.
  4. People flooding into the U.S. illegally from 150 countries in numbers never seen before, with the Biden administration spending hundreds of millions to put them up in nice hotels, feed them, and then bus and release them all over the country, mainly in swing states.

But back to the news: Until now, I believed some of these things would have happened only in socialist dictatorships, but never in the United States of America. Holding Lt. Col. Scheller in jail simply for expressing his opinion on Afghanistan was and is shocking to me.

Columnist George Will said recently that freedom of speech “was a bedrock American value. It’s far from a bedrock American value now, particularly on college campuses, where you would have thought free speech was safe. In fact, what’s most protected on campuses nowadays is freedom from speech.”

The numbers reported by our vaccine reporting system of death and injuries are shocking because only a very small percentage of adverse reactions are reported to the VAERS system in the first place.

The European counterpart to VAERS, EudraVigilance, reports that 22,000 Europeans have died from the vaccine, and two million more have suffered adverse events.

We now know that the most heavily vaccinated countries – Israel and others – have become Covid hotspots.

It has been said for years if you want to find out what is behind anything, follow the money. Covid has a 99.7% survival rate for those under 65, and most cases are mild and most deaths are people over 80.

Many millions more probably would have refused the vaccinations if they had not been forced to buckle under or lose their jobs. No other vaccinations have been forced on the general public, and no other vaccines have killed and injured so many people.

You can tell how many people really believe in masks by how few wear them at major football games where they are in close contact with thousands. It is really sad to make children wear masks when so few are even catching the virus and among those who do the survival rate is more than 99.9%. Children are in more danger simply riding to and from school.

Paying people without working has been very good for a few huge corporations but has forced hundreds of thousands of small businesses to go under.

Opening up our borders so Democrats can get more votes will overwhelm our schools, hospitals, jails, sewers, roads, in fact our entire infrastructure. It’s all being done to make the people more dependent on government and give more power and control to those who control the government.