By John J. Duncan Jr.

I have never seen, heard or read about a president who has done as much damage to this country in as short a time as Joe Biden has.

Brit Hume summed it up best a few months ago when he said on Fox News that Joe Biden had a reputation as a “likeable fellow who occasionally worked across the aisle but is now under the control of the far left.”

I hate to write this for two reasons; (1) mainly because his actions are very harmful to this nation, and (2) because he has been very nice to me in the limited contact, I have had with him.

One example: I was showing a couple from Knoxville and their nine-year-old daughter around the Capitol several years ago.

I took them over to the Senate side and started to go in the president’s room just off the Senate floor. I had taken many people there.

The very nice doorkeeper said he was sorry but there was a meeting going on in that room, so I started to take my constituents to another part of the Capitol.

Then Sen. Biden, who was sitting there talking on his cell phone, said “Wait a minute. Why can’t the congressman go in there?”

The doorkeeper became a little flustered and said there was a meeting going on there. Sen. Biden asked who was holding the meeting and the doorkeeper replied “Sen. Kennedy.”

Then Sen. Biden felt bad for us although he shouldn’t have and told us he wanted us to go with him to his Capitol office.

He said, “When you have been here as long as I have, it doesn’t mean you are powerful or important, but they do give you a nice office in the Capitol.”

He then spent about 15 or 20 minutes with us showing photos and telling stories, a really nice thing for him to do for four people from Tennessee.

Now, though, his policies are going to cause this country very big problems for many years to come.

He is so indebted to radical environmentalists, the first thing he did was shut down a pipeline, destroying 11,000 jobs and helping cause gas prices to be $1.00 more than when Trump left office.

Of course, wealthy environmentalists want gas to go even higher so most people will have to drive less.

President Trump had the southern border under control. Now it is a humanitarian and health disaster with 200,000 or more flooding in each month, with 25 to 40% having Covid.

Of course, many of the immigrants are being put into nice hotels at triple ordinary room rates because the organization managing the process is making millions and is connected to a high-ranking Biden campaign official.

Then there is all the free money given to people without working for it, harming small businesses, causing inflation, and leading to more crime by young people with too much time on their hands.

Then there is the 27% increase to the millions on food stamps; the billions sent to bail out mismanaged blue states and cities; the botched exodus from Afghanistan; the racist, discriminatory payouts to Black and Brown farmers and families; the mega-trillion spending spree on every Democratic wish list, and on and on.

Surely, the former Republican officeholders who endorsed Joe Biden in the Presidential race must regret it now. Surely.

Everything the Biden Administration has done thus far is going to cause serious problems for many years to come when someone else will get the blame, and it is all being done to buy votes in the 2022 and 2024 elections.