By Mike Steely

A dozen Fountain City residents assembled recently to discuss forming a group that could help coordinate the future of that community. Commercial Bank President John Fugate invited the representatives of various local organizations to meet with him and share their ideas.

The group, unnamed at the time of the meeting, plans to coordinate with existing organizations like the Fountain City Town Hall, the FCB&PA, the Lions Club, assorted faith and neighborhood groups, etc., and speak to the city and county as one voice to help guide progress of the community in the North City Sector, which stretches from I-75 and I-640 to Dante Road and Washington Pike.

The organizational meeting began with reviewing notes taken during the recent East and Northeast Economic Summit meeting and then brainstorming on short-term, medium-term and long-term goals and the group’s mission statement.

“We want a more livable community and want to support each like businesses, neighborhoods, organizations, and faith based organization,” Fugate told The Focus.

“And we want to look at the total community and projects that will benefit the entire area,” he said.

Short-term goals, like promoting sidewalks and litter pickup, are projects that could be tackled over the next year. Longer term goals, like greenway construction and connections, are being discussed as the group sets priorities. Long-term goals could also include the construction of a bridge across North Broadway to create access to the park, traffic calming, street crossings for the handicapped, and other projects.

More local organizations will be invited to the next meeting on Thursday, November 17 so they may add their perspective on Fountain City’s future.

Anyone wanting more information about the emerging group should contact Jamie Rowe at (865) 688-9525 or email her at