By Ralphine Major

Her name can be spelled backwards and still be correct.  That is no problem for Hannah, who can spell a ton of other words besides her name.  Hannah, a fourth grader, won the spelling bee at Gibbs Elementary School this year by correctly spelling “montage!”  Her win should not have been a total surprise for anyone who knows the straight “A” student.  Hannah’s mother shared a special memory about the spelling bee.

Originally scheduled on a Friday last January, the spelling bee was canceled due to snow.  Hannah’s parents, Lee Anne and Brandon Yancey, flew out of town to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.  When the spelling bee took place on Monday, Hannah’s parents watched on Facetime while eating breakfast in Naples, Florida!

Hannah is a big sister to brothers Tristan, seven years old and also an excellent student, and two-year-old Toby.  Hannah and her family are members of Fairview Baptist Church where nine-year-old Hannah is a part of “Geezers,” a special group of fourth and fifth grade boys and girls who audition for the group.  They present in “The Backyard,” the kids-age area at their church.  The spelling bee champion also takes piano lessons.

I could not help “traveling” back in my mind for a moment to remember some other members of Hannah’s family.  My family attended Fairview Baptist with Hannah’s great-grandparents, Kathy and the late Lee Wright, who were our youth leaders.  Lee Anne said it is such an honor being named after her grandfather Lee.  Kathy played the organ, and I played piano for church choir.  I remember Hannah’s grandmother, Kellie, singing solos as a child.  It is no wonder Hannah is musically inclined!  How wonderful to see young families like Hannah’s creating new memories, carrying on the great tradition of Christian  values, and sharing their gift of music.

Congratulations, Hannah, on your success in the Gibbs Elementary School Spelling Bee!  You are  A – W – E – S – O – M – E!!!