By Jamie Schnell

Knoxville HOTWORX fitness studio franchisees Robert and Jennifer LeBus have officially been introducing the community to the benefits of infrared sauna training for a year now.

Community is key to both Robert and Jennifer, who have HOTWORX locations in Fountain City, Hardin Valley and Cedar Bluff and an upcycle consignment shop, NTY Clothing Exchange, on Kingston Pike. “We couldn’t have done this without them,” Jennifer said of her employees and members.

Robert is proud of the support system involved: “We want our employees to enjoy working for us, to feel wanted and positive, and that overall transcends into the ownership of the personal relationships they have with each of our members.”

HOTWORX offers a new type of training environment in nine-by-twelve cedar and ceramic saunas that use infrared light to directly heat your body while you exercise, which the company says “strengthens and activates the regenerative process.”

During each workout, a HOTWORX certified virtual instructor guides a class to up to three members per sauna. You can choose between two types of sessions:  fifteen minutes of high-intensity interval training or thirty minutes of isometric training.

Infrared sauna training keeps a comfortable environment for exercise by heating the body—not the air—while accelerating health benefits that can include sports injury recovery, weight loss, stress reduction, caloric burn, pain relief and flushed toxins. The infrared training has personally helped Jennifer by alleviating the pressure and pain from the Chiari malformation of her spine.

Kim Betts, general manager of the Hardin Valley location, described the “sense of community and comfort” the privacy of a sauna gives as well as the sense of relief from daily stressors or medical ailments.

HOTWORX has helped a significant amount of people in the Knoxville community. These clients consist of members as young as twelve years old, local firefighters who come in to detox their lungs, medical staff who are knowledgeable of the positive effects of infrared health, and those suffering from other medical conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

“Our members come to us with different goals or struggles, and we are here to help them develop and understand a lifestyle change,” Jennifer told The Focus. “We treat our business as growing a bigger family, rather than a single, individual business.”

Every location is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week. Members can schedule and reserve their workouts through a phone app. On the phone app, you can book sessions, track calories, unlock rewards, and compete with other HOTWORX members. Memberships can also include access to HOTWORX in any location.

“What I’ve learned this past year is that Knoxville is a small, big town,” Jennifer said regarding her experience. “Communities within are very dedicated to each other. They love the community they live in.”

To schedule a consultation or your first free workout, call or visit their website to learn more about becoming a member.

HARDIN VALLEY (865)297-3668

FOUNTAIN CITY (865)309-5453

CEDAR BLUFF (865)951-2057