I Never Thought I’d See The Day

By Steve Hunley
Whether you like or dislike Donald Trump, every thinking American has many reasons to be deeply concerned about the trial and conviction of the former president in New York.  Politically motivated trials are a tool used by authoritarian governments.  Hitler’s Germany had its own court system, which dispatched opponents of the Nazi regime with absolute efficiency.  Soviet dictator Josef Stalin did the same thing with sham trials to systematically rid himself of 27 million fellow Russians.  The trial of Donald Trump in New York was like that of some backwater banana republic.  The point being, when the justice system fails utterly, you or me, can be pulled into a courtroom and convicted of a contrived crime we did not commit.  The entire trial was nothing less than a travesty and a mockery of what had been the greatest justice system in the world.

No person, no individual but Donald Trump would have been charged in the way he was.  At least for the time being.  Alvin Bragg, the overstuffed baked potato masquerading as a district attorney, concocted a stew of charges culminating in a local official charging a former president of the United States with a federal crime.  No other person in New York State has been charged with record-keeping crimes as was Trump, which under law, were misdemeanors.  Can any rational person really argue the strange coincidence that no other person in New York has ever been charged under those statutes but Donald Trump?  The problem is the media and the Democrats are infected with an advanced and possibly terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Trump is leading in all the polls, and this is a blatant attempt to win the election through lawfare and a perversion of the law rather than a fair election.

Alvin Bragg is the product of an attempt to “reimagine” our justice system on the local level by spending tens of millions of dollars to elect district attorneys who coo to the voters the “reimaging” means treating everyone fairly.  What that really means is suddenly acting as if criminals are the victims.  Bragg has refused to prosecute or jail numerous violent offenders.  A foreign-born billionaire and his tens of millions of dollars has victimized thousands of Americans, especially in our larger cities.  As a means of sowing chaos throughout the country it has succeeded even as indigo blue communities defeat or recall district attorneys like Alvin Bragg.

Bragg’s record of failure in prosecuting crimes and criminals is there for anyone who wishes to see it.  Bragg’s predecessor as district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., refused to press the case against Trump because there wasn’t one.  In fact, no one wished to pursue the case, because it didn’t exist, except Bragg.

So, too, was the judge a bitter partisan.  A known donor to the Biden campaign never should have been allowed to preside over the case.  Nor should a judge whose daughter earns her living as a partisan Democrat and raising money for candidates like Adam Schiff be allowed to preside over the case.  Unfortunately, Juan Marchan was picked precisely for that reason.  It was no coincidence Marchan ruled against the defense at every opportunity; it is no coincidence his rulings always and invariably favored the prosecution.  Nor was it a coincidence Judge Marchan bullied witnesses favorable to Trump.  Juan Marchan was anything but impartial and fair-minded, but that was the intention from the very beginning.

Nor was the location of the trial a coincidence.  Donald Trump received about 14% of the vote in Manhattan.  Perhaps the only jurisdiction more inherently hostile to the former president would be the District of Columbia.

The very root of this vile spectacle was the word of a serial liar, Michael Cohen.  True to form, Cohen admitted he had stolen from Trump while on the stand and there is very good reason to believe he lied on the stand.  Who can be surprised that Cohen lied repeatedly?  Nobody. It’s what liars do, they lie.

The greatest irony of the trial of Donald J. Trump is that it is the biggest case of election interference in American history.  No person who truly cherishes democracy can be pleased, much less proud of the Trump trial.  It is the vilest abuse of our judicial system in American history.  There was nothing remotely fair about it.

The end result was as predictable as those outcomes in Nazi or Communist courtrooms where the defendants were at the mercy, not of a just judicial system, but rather a system run by tyrants for their own ideology.

Republicans believe in fair play; Republicans in Ohio are moving to place Joe Biden on the state ballot after the failure of his own campaign to take the necessary steps to do so because of laziness and incompetence.  Yet the Democrats have achieved what they wanted: to be able to call Donald Trump a convicted felon.

Just as those who opposed the Nazis and the brutality of Stalin and Mao’s Communist regimes, it may become a badge of honor in a judicial system which was hijacked to obtain what it wanted for itself, all to win an election.  A majority of Americans, including me, believe in justice for ALL.