By Mike Steely

Is the eighth grade too early to begin making a career choice?

Obviously not, at least not at Karns Middle School. Students that age are preparing for high school and considering what they might like to do with their lives, which courses to take, whether or not to go on to college or start a career.

Friday 540 of those students took part in the school’s 13th annual Career Fair. The all-morning event at the school saw more than 80 businesses, organizations, and causes talking with students.

“They gain exposure to and information about various careers,” said Susan Nalls, a Karns Counselor, explaining that many of the exhibitors are Karns area businesses. All the students interviewed at least one of the exhibitors as an English Assignment.

Counselors from Karns High School and Hardin Valley Academy were on hand as well as the Magnet High Schools to give options on which school to attend.