By Steve Hunley

Nobody can be surprised the hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is a lurid circus, highlighted by hysterical people attempting to disrupt the proceedings.  Photographs of protesters being dragged out of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing room show individuals whose features are twisted with mindless hate.  Chuck Grassley, the senator from Iowa who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, was unable to speak a full sentence before being drowned out by Democrats on the committee.  Democratic senators interrupted more than once a minute during the first forty minutes of the hearing.

The leftist Women’s March group proudly announced, “We’re disrupting the Kavanaugh hearing every few minutes, with hundreds of women prepared to get arrested to prevent these hearings from moving forward.”  These women seem to believe they are heroes for risking arrest; like too many things these days, the definition of the word “hero” has changed to the point of becoming unrecognizable.

The increasing partisanship over appointments to the United States Supreme Court is a relatively new thing and based upon the averages, it is the Democrats who have made it more partisan.  The last four Supreme Court nominees who were nominated by a Democratic president averaged 20 negative votes while those appointed by Republican presidents saw almost twice as many “no” votes from Democrats averaging just over 39.

Apparently the members of The Resistance believe the average American is utterly stupid; in one breath they own compassion, call for unity, and plead for diversity, yet they refuse to follow any law but their own.  Oddly, they seem to think the other half of the country will abide by any law they pass.

Clearly, the time has passed when a nominee for the Supreme Court will be judged on merit and ability.  And just what is The Resistance resisting?  The GDP having grown by more than 3 points for two quarters in a row?  The skyrocketing consumer confidence that was conspicuously absent during Barack Obama’s presidency?  The roll back of 67 Obama regulations, which in turn boosted business confidence, growth in the stock market and an economic boom?  The drastic drop in unemployment and the number of people collecting food stamps?  Renegotiating the agreement with Mexico and killing NAFTA?

There is, at least on the part of The Resistance, no respect for much of anything; certainly not process, decorum, or the rules.  A hero used to be one who gave his or her life for his or her country; a policeman who shielded a victim or a fireman who rushed into a burning building that was about to collapse to save a crying child.  Now you have folks who think it is an act of heroism to choose which bathroom to use or merely to stand up in a public meeting and scream.

The divide in the country seems to grow ever wider with no end in sight.  The polarization of our political process has likely metastasized and no good will come of it.  Anyone still thinking it is possible to have a civil discourse in this country can simply watch the Kavanaugh hearings and conclude we are well past that point.  In fact, it seems more likely the country will devolve into civil conflict before it will engage in civil debate.