Fountain City auction opens year with Advertisement Auction and Toy Sale

By Ken Lay

Fountain City Auction will soon begin the New Year with its biggest event of 2020.

On Saturday, January 4 it will host its 15th annual Advertisement Auction and Toy Sale.

The day-long event will be conducted live at Fountain City Auction and shoppers may also participate online where pre-bidding began earlier this month. Potential customers can preview each item and its current bidding price on-line. Customers may bid on-line through, which can be linked through and the AuctionZip App.

Admission to the event, which begins at noon, is free and Fountain City Auction owner Greg Lawson said he prepares for the event, which drew more than 300 people in 2019, all year.

“We always want to start the year with our biggest event,” Lawson said. “I’ve always enjoyed selling these vintage items. I love what I do.”

The timing of the event always falls in early January, just after Christmas, but Lawson said that is never problematic.

“Last year, we had over 300 people here and I have people who save up money all year to come to this,” he said. “Last year, I had people come here from 14 states.”

Buyers never know what they find at this particular auction. They may find old gumball machines, vintage Coke machines, signs from old gas stations or other retro goodies such as clocks. Vintage toys can also be found at this event.

“We have a mixture of the old and the new,” Lawson said. “Most people like the new stuff because the older stuff is so expensive. We have a good selection of items like signs, and pedal cars.

“This auction brings in a high quality of items and sellers. We collect items for it all year. You can’t go out and get this every day. Some of this stuff is hard to find.”

The finds may be rare but shoppers can find a wide array of items including antique vending machines and vintage toys and old gas and oil signs.

Since the auction went online, it is the top viewed auction in the state of Tennessee and the sixth most viewed auction nationally on the AuctionZip website.

Fountain City Auction is located at 4109 Central Avenue Pike near the Merchant Drive Exit off of Interstate 75.

The one thing that Lawson promises is that the event will be a good time.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun,” he said.

For questions, call Lawson at (865) 603-3468 or email

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