On January 16 at 7:00 p.m. the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission (FMPC) will decide if Verizon Communications may place 5G cellular small cell support structures in 12 locations in Farragut including four in residential areas, including Stonecrest, Farragut View and The Cove at Turkey Creek. I am requesting a delay for this approval as the people of Farragut do not have adequate knowledge of how this will impact their property value and whether this new 5G technology is safe for the public. Please attend this meeting so you can learn how your property will be affected.

Some 5G cellular technology requires a line of sight with no inference with a maximum distance of 1000 feet from antenna to antenna. This mean trees, hills, and curves will require more antennas with distances as short as 400 feet in a dense suburban neighborhood. In the Agenda for the FMPC meeting Thursday January 16th there is not enough technical detail on what kind of 5G antennas will be used, where they will be placed, how far apart they will be, and whether they will be in the front yards of Farragut residents. If the 5G antennas are placed in the front yards of Farragut residents it could be expected that many homes will have in their yard, be next door, or across the street from a 5G cellular antenna.

There has been a vibrant discussion on nextdoor.com about the 5G cellular roll out in Farragut. But even after two columns in nextdoor.com about this and containing over 134 comments the people of Farragut still do not know if 5G antennas will be installed in their front yards. This is not acceptable. This is why I will ask the FMPC to delay this agenda item until more clarity can be given to the people of Farragut.

Australia and England have already installed 5G cellular technology and while America had a chance to learn from the early 5G adopters sadly that did not happen. There are multiple real estate studies worldwide on the price decline of home value after a 5G cellular antenna is installed at a home or nearby and they show a drop in value of the home between 2% and 21% depending on the distance to the 5G cellular antenna. Simply put, homes that have a 5G cellular antenna in their front yard, next door, or across the street home can have a reduction in their home value as high as 21%.

This is an important matter and what is needed is a workshop in the FMPC with much better notice and information for the people of Farragut.


Mike Mitchell

Farragut Resident