Liberal Propaganda Exposed During First Presidential Debate

By Steve Hunley
When Special Counsel Robert Hur found that Joe Biden was “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” the White House went into a tizzy to do damage control, wailing such language was unnecessary and wrong.  When the Wall Street Journal reported Biden was believed to be slipping mentally inside the White House, operatives sprung into action to label them nothing more than partisan “smears.”  The White House has denounced as “cheap fakes” the clips and photos of Biden looking lost.  Unfortunately for the Biden administration, it was all too obvious when Joe showed up for the debate with former President Donald Trump.  It became undeniable.

It was a revelation.  Joe Biden was not only doddering, but empty.  It could not be disguised, nor could it be ignored.  It was on display for all to see.

For years the Democrats and the corporate media have doubled down on their preferred narratives, insisting none of us saw what we’d seen.  That has been the prevailing theme of the last 3 ½ years.  The southern border is secure, the economy is booming, taxes are low, our energy dependency on foreign governments is good for the climate, Joe Biden is sharp as a tack. . . the list is practically endless.

Biden’s performance in his first debate with Donald Trump presents the mainstream media with a difficult set of choices, the first being insisting we didn’t see what we saw.  Only the deluded and the elite still believe the American public is so stupid to believe what they tell us, especially when our eyes are telling us the exact opposite.  The debate was absolute confirmation of why Biden’s handlers in the White House have so carefully shielded him for the last 3 ½ years.  Everybody already knows Trump agreed to an early debate on the most favorable terms for Biden imaginable.  With everything in his favor, including the debate being hosted by a network which was openly and aggressively biased against his opponent, everybody watched Joe Biden give an abysmal performance that sent shock waves throughout the country and set off a panic inside the Democratic Party.  In their arrogance, the Biden White House had taken a gamble on having a debate so early before either candidate had been officially nominated by their parties.  They lost that gamble and badly.  The strategy of the Biden campaign was to flip the polls in his favor by a strong performance after a week of preparation at his home in Delaware and Camp David.

Donald Trump showed astonishing restraint, ignoring the insults flung at him, batted away the attempts by the biased moderators about January 6, the idea of political retribution and abiding by the results of the election.

The debate between a sitting president and a former president was historic, but never before have opponents slung back and forth names like “liar,” “felon,” and “criminal.”  The truth is the personal animosity between Biden and Trump is shared by tens of millions of Americans.  The disdain of the Left in particular for those who have voted for and would again vote for Donald Trump is unmatched.  But it is a microcosm of the division between political camps, especially the Left and the Right.

Trump took a big gamble, too, in accepting the early debate, especially under terms and conditions clearly in place to benefit his opponent.  The former president believed he would be more coherent and more presidential than Joe Biden and he was right.

The result of the debate left the corporate media in an emotional tailspin, wringing their hands, and wailing.  There is a very good reason why families and businesses have departed California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York.  The Democrat policies in those states, like Joe Biden’s administration, has left things in a terrible mess.  Even those rare Democrats who don’t hate Israel or believe in defunding the police or any other facet of Leftist orthodoxy, rarely raise their voice and simply march in lock step with the others.

Almost immediately following the debate, a panel on MSDNC was already speculating about replacing Biden on the ticket.  Anybody who thinks Gavin Newsom is an acceptable replacement for Joe Biden is out of their mind. Newsom shares the failure at the southern border and California is beginning to resemble a third world country.

Virtually every position taken by Joe Biden is one also taken by Gavin Newsom.

For years the corporate media and the White House have been telling us all how brilliantly competent Joe Biden was.  Of course, Joe Biden ran as the candidate of national unity and the country is more divided today than ever.  Once again, anything they didn’t like, they labeled “misinformation.”  Everyone who saw the debate immediately recognized they had been lying.  We saw a poor old man who was incapable of finishing a sentence and incoherent.  Nobody who saw the debate can possibly believe Joe Biden is actually running the country.  We are being governed by a class of privileged, non-elected elitists who believe in neither self-government nor democracy.

Biden’s performance at the debate must have been like falling off a cliff for those people who have believed the stories printed by the propaganda press.  It is well to keep in mind the enemies of our country saw it as well.

It is now obvious to everybody but the deranged and deluded exactly why Attorney General Merrick Garland has refused to turn over the audio of the Robert Hur interview.  Now there is no need, we’ve all seen it.