Liberal Woke Politics Destroying Our Country

By Steve Hunley
Wake up, America.

The hallmark of Leftists seems to be gaslighting.  The mainstream media and Leftist Democrats join hands and insist everything is just hunky-dory and wonder why the majority of the American people don’t believe it.  Joe Biden and the Democrats have waged a war on fossil fuels, yet the legacy media stand on their heads all day to try and find excuses for reasons why Biden isn’t responsible for higher gas prices.  From his first days in office, Biden has taken us from energy independence to energy dependence.  He’s made us dependent on the whims of a lot of folks who don’t like us.

Likewise, from his first days in office, Biden has created a crisis at our southern border.  Legal immigrants to this country are vetted for health concerns while those allowed to cross the border are not.  Terrorists, murderers, and assorted criminals have crossed our border at will.  The murder of Laken Riley in Georgia is directly related to Biden’s open border policies.  For three and a half years, Joe Biden has steadfastly insisted there was NO crisis at the border.  Alejandro Mayorkas has parroted the same line.  Suddenly, both of them readily acknowledge there’s a problem long after it’s abundantly clear to everybody else.

We’re supposed to forget Biden’s actual invitation to “surge” into this country made in 2019.  At the time, Biden told them all they needed to be legal was to claim asylum.  And thus they have all become asylum seekers, yet the greatest number of them are single men, all of military age.  The open border has enabled fentanyl to come into this country, steadily killing more and more Americans each year.

How can any sane person ignore the need to determine whether someone entering this country is carrying drugs or infectious diseases, is a violent criminal, or can support himself and his family?  Yet the Left does it every day.

Like most everything done by the left, illegal immigration defies not only the law but also logic and reason.  Any civilized nation can only accept so many legal immigrants and assimilate them.

It’s like the movement to defund the police.  If anything ever defied logic and reason, that was it.  Yet some of those morons were surprised when crime skyrocketed.  Who could have guessed that would be a direct result of impairing law enforcement agencies and their ability to operate?

The mainstream media and progressives seem to rely on the fact no American is either intelligent or has anything resembling a working memory.  Remember when Janet Yellen appeared before Congress and said inflation was “transitory.”  The media picked that up and carried it and yet it’s still with us.  The cost of staples – – – bread, milk, eggs, meat and most everything else – – – has gone up as much as 40 – 60%.  The cost of borrowing money has steadily risen as well, making it harder for many Americans to afford a home.

One of the biggest lies told by Biden and the Left is “take home pay has gone up.”  Real wages fell every month for the first two years of Biden’s presidency.  When Biden made his State-of-the-Union speech in 2023, annual inflation was rising 50% faster than wages.  Overall, grocery prices have risen at least 20% since Joe Biden took office.

Biden’s claim of having presided over “the biggest deficit reduction in American history” is also a lie.  Biden has presided over the largest deficit in the history of our country.  The reckless and constant spending by Joe Biden has fueled inflation in this country.

Biden’s claim that oil companies have invested “too little of their profits” is another lie.  From his first days in his office, Biden’s push for green energy (which is NO energy) policies has restricted oil and gas companies, and hampered exploration and production.  Biden has issued the least number of drilling permits since World War II.  Oil production is lower than it was before the pandemic and gas prices are higher.

Biden has pushed EVs, ignoring the fact the widescale infrastructure is not in place, the country would be paralyzed in power outages, as well as the fact they don’t hardly run in the winter.  The Biden administration and its woke warriors have begun assaults on gas stoves, yours, not their own, mind you.  Now they are targeting trucks.

For someone whose own family doesn’t pay its own taxes, Joe Biden’s claim that the wealthy don’t pay their fair share is yet another fable worthy of George Santos.  The top 1% pay almost 50% of the taxes in this country.  That’s about twice their share of the national income.

The Leftists in the news media seem not to realize they have no credibility as virtually no one believes they are actual journalists.  What they are is left-wing opinion writers masquerading as journalists.  CNN, MSDNC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and even the Knoxville News-Sentinel are all trying to shape opinion through left-wing writers whose own point of view is there for any reasonable person to see.  In today’s world, facts matter not at all when they conflict with the preferred narrative.

I’ve said it before: for these people, stupid is the new “smart.”  Unfortunately, these people are deliberately trying to destroy our country and we all need to wake up.