Mainstream Media Bias? You Be The Judge

By Steve Hunley
This newspaper, like the Knoxville Journal of old, is a conservative paper and I don’t make any pretense otherwise.  Readers aren’t going to find the same slant on things as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSDNC or CNN in these pages.  The daily newspaper has the opposite slant but will never admit it.

The Knoxville News Sentinel is becoming more woke with every passing day.  It is very careful to stay within the boundaries of political correctness as drawn by the far Left.  There was even a headline referencing how Knoxville will spend $6 million taxpayer dollars from the federal government “to aid the unhoused.”  In English, that would be the homeless.  That and the Pride parade was the biggest news last Wednesday, at least according to the Sentinel.  Then there was the story by Allie Feinberg, which must have been an opinion piece.  Evidently Feinberg is a news whisperer for us hillbillies too stupid to understand the news.  The Sentinel says Allie “is a trending politics reporter, localizing national and state news for Knoxville and East Tennessee’s audiences.”  Once again, sweeping the woke nuggets off the porch, that means she is a political reporter who interprets the state and national news so folks like you and me can understand it. From what I can tell, I don’t know how much of a reporter she is, but she sure is political.  Coming from Northern Virginia, which is as blue as indigo, I think it is safe to say Allie isn’t a Young Republican.  Feinberg wrote an article last week saying our congressman, Tim Burchett, was questioning the 2020 presidential election.  I realize that fascinating headline didn’t come from the fertile mind of Allie Feinberg but more likely from the dank and dark recesses of what passes for the mind of some editorial brainiac at Gannett.   Of course, we East Tennessee folks know nobody can dare say anything about election integrity or fairness where 2020 was concerned.  That is the Leftist equivalent of heresy and one gets burned at the stake forthwith.

Allie’s article wanders around a bit, clearly distraught by the conviction of Hunter Biden as she claims Congressman Burchett is “using that verdict to raise questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 election.”  What fluttered Allie’s Birkenstocks was Burchett’s asking the House Committee on Oversight & Accountability to investigate whether Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other intelligence officials interfered with the 2020 election.

Allie took her pencil and tried her best to connect the dots between Hunter’s conviction and Trump’s questions about the 2020 election and worked herself into a tizzy, writing, “Those claims have been widely refuted by lawsuits, recounts, forensic audits and even partisan reviews.”  Well, Allie one can say the very same thing about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Allie pouts “Burchett’s request for an investigation of Blinken references the laptop used to help convict Hunter Biden.”  Yeah, that is because it was Hunter’s laptop, Allie.  An FBI agent, under oath, identified it as Hunter Biden’s laptop and it was so recognized by the court.

Feinberg spent much of her article rewriting history to fit her narrative; she did her best to pack ten pounds of lard into a five-pound bucket.  Allie frets the emails sent to the New York Post from Hunter’s laptop were sent by Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Guiliani.  They could have been sent by Alice In Wonderland if they were from Hunter’s own laptop.  Those are Hunter’s emails, Allie.  The implication is Guiliani somehow tampered with the contents of Hunter’s laptop.  That is now part and parcel of Leftist orthodoxy.  Gary Shapley, the IRS whistleblower, testified before Congress that the FBI took Hunter’s laptop on December 9, 2019, and its own computer forensics experts did a very specific technical review of the computer and all its files.  Using metadata analysis, it was authenticated by acknowledging the laptop had NOT been either modified or monkeyed with in any way after Hunter had left it.  In the court testimony, an FBI agent revealed both the IRS and FBI investigators had asked for and gotten a warrant for Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud account.  That occurred on April 16, 2019, only four days after Hunter had left it sitting at the repair store in Wilmington, Delaware.  So that information, along with that contained on Hunter’s iPhone and iPad, was compared to the files on the laptop from information investigators had already acquired from Apple.

Feinberg claims the notion Joe Biden intervened in Ukraine has “largely been debunked.”  Debunked by whom, Allie?  Rachel Madcow?  Jake Tapper?  No, wait, Jake has finally admitted it is Hunter’s laptop.  Biden himself is on videotape bragging about leveraging American foreign aid while he was vice president to fire the prosecutor who the folks at Burisma wanted gone.

Allie finally gets to what Burchett was talking about; the letter signed by 51 supposed intelligence officials stating they believed the laptop was Russian disinformation.  Allie does her best to ignore the fact if the American intelligence community’s collective information is no better than that, the country will be vaporized any day now and we won’t have a clue it’s coming.  And Burchett is exactly right, that was an effort to influence the election.  It has been admitted the FBI knew the laptop was Hunter’s for quite some time.  Joe Biden also used the letter to deny the contents of the laptop in a presidential debate. That letter was the product of Antony Blinken getting Mike Morrell, a former acting director of the CIA, to write the letter claiming Hunter’s laptop “has all the classic earmarks of a Russian intelligence operation.”  That letter also stated “the Russians are involved in the Hunter Biden email issue.”   Two days later that same letter was used by Biden during the debate with Donald Trump as a “Russian plant.”

Allie seems upset that “the laptop heard ‘round the world” had come back to haunt Hunter.  As Allie sadly wrote, “It did help convict Hunter Biden of felony gun charges…”  Actually, his own words from his autobiography and the testimony of virtually anyone and everyone who testified for the prosecution helped convict him.  Allie, to her credit, does admit the “laptop revealed photos of Hunter Biden using drugs, naked and engaged in intimate relations with other adults.”  “That’s the evidence that prosecutors used to convict him of lying about his drug use at the time he bought a weapon.”  Really?  No, the main evidence was his signing a document stating he was not using illegal substances while being a super crackhead.  As to intimate relations with other adults, that seems to be a nice way of describing his habit of hiring prostitutes and buying drugs while not paying his income taxes, even while his daddy says everybody must pay his fair share.

Allie seems to think it was just hunky dory for Antony Blinken to write a letter and gather up signatories from people who knew better.  Of course, Allie doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton denying Trump having won the 2016 election.  They never do.

Feinberg refers to Hunter as a “54-year-old businessman and attorney,” which is akin to referring to Kim Kardashian as royalty and a rocket scientist.  Allie also had to force herself to write Hunter will soon go on trial in California for “allegedly avoiding taxes.”  Allegedly?  Allie, Kevin Morris, Hunter’s “Sugar Brother” had to pay Hunter’s taxes that he owed.  And the plea deal offered by his daddy’s Justice Department that fell apart, it collapsed after the judge asked a single question.

I wonder if she was still wearing her mask when she wrote that stirring defense of the Bidens.