Martha Lee’s Jewelry comes home to South Knoxville

By Jamie Schnell

Martha Lee’s Jewelry has found a new home in South Knoxville, where it all began for its owner. The business is owned by Terry Merianos, who took it over from her mother in 1980.

Terry’s mother, Martha Beeler, started selling Tennessee pearls on the north side of Knoxville in 1977, and as a child, Terry loved playing with her mother’s jewelry. Terry grew up in South Knoxville and even got her first job at a deli in the same area where the new location has opened.

“Country roads brought me home and returned me to my roots. I am thrilled to be back in this part of town, embracing my community, seeing old classmates, and learning about their lives.”

Martha Lee’s Jewelry is a family-owned, full-service neighborhood jeweler that offers a wide range of jewelry, including natural and vintage costume jewelry, fine jewelry, gold, pearls, and diamonds (including lab-grown diamonds), sterling silver, Native American jewelry and custom design. The business has a team of experienced professionals including the jeweler Ray, who has 45 years of experience, and Terry’s niece, Anastasia Merianos.

Terry’s passion for vintage jewelry is evident in the collection she has curated at Martha Lee’s Jewelry. Terry shares, “Every piece has a story behind it and can be passed down through the generations to be enjoyed for years to come.”

Occasionally, she receives letters that accompany the jewelry. One such letter that she showed The Focus was dated 1893.

The previous location of Martha Lee’s Jewelry had generational customers for 45 years, with kids and grandkids growing up with the business. Terry hopes to continue this legacy in the new location, where she believes she’s “meant to be.”

Terry told The Focus, “There was a higher power in me getting here, and I am thrilled to be back. We want to grow with the community and develop relationships like I did on the north side of town. I love what I do and I love interacting with people.”

Terry believes that small businesses are the backbone of community relationships and encourages people to support them. “I’m hoping we can keep it rural while bringing more retail to the area, as supporting community businesses is essential for building healthy neighborhoods.” Martha Lee’s Jewelry is committed to growing with the community and providing excellent customer service.

If you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry or want to create a custom design, you can find Martha Lee’s Jewelry at 3508-C Maryville Pike in Knoxville or visit their booth at Retrospect Vintage on Central St. You can also follow them on Facebook or call directly at (865)688-0114. The grand opening will last through the end of December, with a promotion of 20% off all in-stock jewelry.