By Steve Hunley

It seems with every passing day, as well as every news cycle, the leftists in this country are consumed by a new wave of mass hysteria.  The end of the world was nigh when President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the Supreme Court; abortion and voting rights would come to an end if Kavanaugh is confirmed by the US Senate.  The summit between President Trump and Vladimir Putin set off a new wave of leftists running around with their hair on fire.  Apparently, leftists in this country think because they are in a constant state of panic, perhaps eventually they’ll hit on an issue that will scare the heck out of everybody else.  The media, which is nothing more than an adjunct arm of the Democratic party in this country, is attempting to fan outrage over Trump’s meeting with Putin.  None of the media, nor anyone on the left, stops to think even for a moment about their own hypocrisy, nor do they seem to care the dishonesty of their actions is easy for even a child to spot.

It was the Obama administration that famously “reset” good relations with Russia.  Just about everybody has seen the photograph of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the big red button used to officially reset relations with Russia.  Getting along with Russia, if at all possible, is a better idea than not, especially considering the U.S. and Russia account for 90% of the world’s nuclear arsenal.  The notion Donald Trump should have traveled to Helsinki and spit in Putin’s face is sheer idiocy on the part of people who must really think the Russian leader would have stood there and taken a dressing-down from the President of the United States.  It has likely never occurred to them Putin could have simply stood up and walked out.  None of these people seem to recall their idol, former president Barack Obama, told Putin to “cut it out.”  Did that do a bit of good?  Was Putin afraid of Obama?   These folks have twisted themselves into such bizarre patterns even a mutant pretzel would more closely resemble a straight line.  Few of them even bother to pretend to adhere to a shred of logic in their hysteria.  As the Helsinki Summit began, Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced not a single vote was changed, nor the outcome of any election was altered by any Russian interference in the 2016 election.  Yet the media and the left continue to howl about collusion with the Russians.  For some of these feebleminded folks, it is the sole thread they choose to cling to; Donald Trump could not possibly have actually won the 2016 election, nor could he legitimately be the President of the United States.  The left has always imagined itself as the advocate of the common person, the working person.  When the working people of America largely rejected the left and its presidential candidate in 2016, the tops of their collective heads blew off.  The only possible explanation was election fraud.

Trump Derangement Syndrome really is a thing.  One can witness it just about everywhere, every day.  These people believe Donald Trump is capable of committing any atrocity; nor can they bring themselves to believe many governmental policies under Trump have not changed an iota from those in place 20 months ago under President Obama.  The difference of course being, it is an atrocity under Trump, while not a whisper was heard when it was policy under Obama.  The “cages” existed under Obama and used for the very same purposes.  The policy of denying entry into the United States of undesirable illegal aliens was the same under Obama as it has been under Trump.

All of the hysteria is not on the left.  Occasionally, voices from the Republican establishment add their own to those of the left.  Bob Corker is a prime example of those in the establishment carping over nothing.  Bob Corker was certainly ready to run with Trump when he was under consideration as a vice presidential candidate; Corker was anxious to serve as secretary of state under President Trump.  Trump and Corker have exchanged a series of public barbs and the end result is Bob Corker is now acting like a crybaby.  Crybaby Corker is always ready to lend his voice to that of other establishment Republicans who didn’t get their way in the 2016 presidential election. Bob Corker is leaving the United States Senate not very popular with Tennesseans; most in his own party are ready to see him go.

The notion President Trump has to express confidence in the FBI and CIA and other “intelligence” agencies borders on insanity.  Anybody who watched the Peter Strzok hearing is well aware he and James Comey have done more to harm the FBI’s reputation than J. Edgar Hoover managed to accomplish in decades.  There is more actual evidence contained in the email and text messages between Strzok and his lover, Lisa Page, about election collusion than in the entire Russian probe to date.

The CIA, once upon a time, was a favorite target of the left, who were horrified the agency would sanction the assassinations of foreign leaders at odds with U. S. foreign policy.  It is impossible for any rational person to take John Brennan seriously.  Appointed by Barack Obama, Brennan has less right to call any other citizen a traitor than anybody I can think of; Brennan cheerfully acknowledges he was, at one time, a voter for the Communist party.

Reality has gone out the window and these people are going to continue to try and play upon the emotions of the people as long as they are able, but they are only deluding themselves.