By John J. Duncan Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s most famous quote is one in which he said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Yet today we have a president who publicly excluded all white men and women from even being considered as running mates for vice president on his ticket.

He said he would consider only women of color and received not even the slightest criticism for doing so.

Dennis Prager, the brilliant Jewish talk show host, said in one of his recent fireside chats that saying America is racist is “the biggest lie in world history.”

In a chat a few months earlier, he discussed what he called the “microaggression nonsense” and added that “there is so little racism in America today that they have to make things up as being racist when they are really not.”

Thus, now we have seen some performances of Cinderella canceled because it was “too white,” Coca-Cola employees briefly asked to act “less white,” and Peter Pan and some books by Dr. Suess labeled as racist.

Now, we have a former president, Barack Obama, saying he feels reparations are justified, and, apparently, the city council of Evanston, IL, agrees. As do some of the Knoxville City Council.

The City of Oakland, CA, has started a program to give monthly payments to black families but not white families.

And the recent COVID Relief bill approved extra farm loan repayment money for black and brown farmers that is not available for white farmers.

In some states, blacks make up more than half of the Democratic primary vote. Joe Biden won the nomination for president mainly because of his strong support in the African-American community. Now he is trying to do everything he can to repay them for this support.

The Democrats are shouting (false) white supremacy at every opportunity to shore up their black vote, and they know that many white people will support them hoping to prove they are not racist.

However, if the Democrats go too far in this direction, it could backfire and create racism where it doesn’t now exist.

A black student at Albion College in Michigan recently was discovered writing anti-black, racist graffiti on college walls and property. Was he trying to create racism so he could get more special treatment?

Jessica Krug, a history professor at one of my old schools, George Washington, recently admitted she had held herself out as black to help her career.

Vosko Kohlmayer, who fled his home country, Czechoslovakia, is a columnist very worried about what is happening in this country.

He wrote: “There is no systemic or structural racism in American society. Quite to the contrary, in America black people enjoy an array of rights and advantages that are unavailable to the rest of the American population and can only be described as Black Privilege.”

Blacks are treated better and there are more social welfare programs for their benefit here than in other countries. In fact, no other country even comes close to the U.S. in this regard.

It seems that there are almost too many things being done today both by the government and most major corporations based entirely on skin color rather than the content of character.