By Steve Hunley

I am pleased to say without any hesitation that Mike McMillan is the best school board member to serve the people of the Eighth District for many, many years.  While some might say Mike McMillan is slow and plodding, I would say he is methodical and determined.  It is indisputably true nobody has done more for the people of the Eighth District than Mike McMillan.

As then-Mayor and now-Congressman Tim Burchett said, “There wouldn’t be a Gibbs Middle School without Mike McMillan.”  Nor would there be a new Carter Elementary School.  McMillan has made sure the Eighth District has received its fair share.  The projects and improvements brought to the Eight District by Mike McMillan run into the tens of millions of dollars.

Mike McMillan has been responsive to the people who elected him.  McMillan has never forgotten who elected him and has not been a captive of any special interest like so many other board members.  There are too many board members who seem to believe they are on the board of education to represent the teachers and not the taxpayers.  Mike McMillan has always thought of the parents and students first.  Without those two groups there wouldn’t be any need for anybody else.

Having also served as a member of the county commission, Mike McMillan understands local government and how to get results.  McMillan is clear-eyed about how to get things done and has proven his worth to the people of the Eighth District over and over again.

Even when gravely ill, Mike McMillan always kept his eye on his district and went to extraordinary lengths to serve his people.  Now fully recovered, Mike McMillan has decided to run again and as long he wishes to run and serve, The Focus and I will be for him.

Mike McMillan has always demonstrated he listens to his people, he delivers for his people, and he cares about his people.  McMillan likes to say he is not the voice of the board in the Eighth District, but rather the voice of the Eighth District on the board and he sure has been that.

All too often people overlook who serves them on the Knox County Board of Education.  Yet that is where the great bulk of our tax dollars are spent annually.  Local, state and federal dollars spent annually total more than half of a billion dollars.

Mike McMillan has been a great board member for the Eighth District and deserves your vote next year.  In a world of distrusting politicians and things gone crazy, Mike McMillan offers a steady course and commitment to the people of his community and there is no improving that.