Moore adds Miller-Davis to CSA program

By Steve Williams

Coach Dave Moore is in his 23rd year of heading up the Careacter Star Athlete program. How many more years he will be in that position are in “God’s hands” he will tell you. He has been battling prostate cancer the past two years.

“I’m pretty much aware that most people in Knox County and the surrounding area know that I am battling cancer,” said Moore Saturday, “and I appreciate and thank all the coaches and people in the community for reaching out and their calls of support plus their prayers and thoughts during this time that I’m going through.

“Those thoughts and prayers are the things that carry people, along with God naturally, through very tough times. It means the world to me that we have so many in the community that do think of others and they are thinking about me and praying about me in this difficult time.”

It is Dave’s hope that the Careacter Star Athlete program will continue on in the future and he continues to add people to the Careacter Star team.

Most recently, Tracy Miller-Davis, a Knox County Schools Administrative Assistant in Athletics, has joined the Careacter Star team.

“I think it’s an outstanding program that highlights the efforts of these kids that earn the Careacter Star award,” said Tracy. “It takes a lot more than just athletic skills to be a first class player.

“I truly do believe that it’s just a wonderful program. A big shout out to Dave Moore for all the work that he does in being involved with this. I know in my own personal life we have always taught the character in our kids and grand kids first even though they have natural athletic ability. But what their character does represents so much more on and off the field or the court.”