By John J. Duncan Jr.

Those who watch only the very biased, distorted propaganda from CNN and MSNBC probably did not see the photos of Nancy Pelosi and other leading Democrats at a party at the White House not wearing masks and not practicing social distancing.

Speaker Pelosi had the gall to fine Republican members of the U.S. House for not wearing masks in the House Chamber.

As Sen. Rand Paul, a medical doctor, has pointed out, these masks have been more for political theater than anything else.

As Jane Fonda said several months ago, Covid was “a gift to the left.”

Many liberals might not admit it, but I think almost everyone knows Donald Trump would have been re-elected if the Covid-19 virus had not hit when it did.

And of course, the Left politicized it from the start, realizing it was to their political benefit to make the virus much worse than it really was.

Some liberals would become very angry if it was pointed out that 99.9% of those under 65 who tested positive survived this virus and that the CDC said 94% of so-called covid deaths were with comorbidities that could have been the cause of death.

They also didn’t like to hear that 90% of the so-called covid deaths were in people 80 or above and may have been from simple old age, heart failure, pneumonia, diabetes, or other causes.

They didn’t even like to hear good news such as that children were at almost no risk of the virus and that the few under 21 who caught it had a 99.9% survival rate.

Liberals tried to ignore the Danish study of 3,000 people showing statistically no difference between those who wore masks and those who did not.

Of the 1500 who wore masks, five caught the virus, while only six of those who went mask less caught it.

Yet the Atlantic Magazine, certainly not a conservative publication, had one article almost making fun of the fact that liberals were much more obsessive than any others about mask-wearing. And I read about one man who still wears his mask to prove that he is not a conservative.

An article in the May 21, 2020 New England Journal of Medicine said “wearing a mask outside healthcare facilities offers little if any protection from infection” and that “it is also clear that masks offer symbolic roles.”

Dr. Fauci has been wrong about many things, but he was right when he wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine that the consequences of this virus would “be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968).”

I did not know he had made that prediction when I wrote in my September 8th Focus column about the 1957-58 flu season when I was ten years old.

The world population then was approximately 60% of what it is now. Yet British medical estimates were that as many as four million died of flu then.

While every death is tragic, fortunately we have had less that .05% die from this virus at the most. And the overwhelming majority who have tested positive have had very mild cases.

Nothing was shut down in 1957, but we did not have a constant drumbeat then from a 24 hour worldwide media trying to sensationalize everything.

And we did not have holier-than-thou government leaders and public health officials who loved publicity and wanted everyone to believe they were modern-day heroes.