By Mike Steely

Charlie and Victory Harbin help people learn how to navigate the computer world, hence the name Tech Nav. The couple offers their expertise in clients’ homes to teach, repair and or restore desktops, laptops, iPads and smartphones.

Charlie found that even with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and years of experience he wasn’t being challenged in his IT position to the level he wanted. He’s pursuing an MBA while chasing his dreams with the new company.

“We do software training in the homes and also offer phone support,” Charlie explained. He says the most common problems they see are “Scareware attacks” on computers. These take over a computer and demand the owner to call a number and pay a fee to get the device restored.

“We can come to a home or meet someone in a coffee shop or other place. Not everyone has a younger person at home that can help them,” he added.

Victory said the couple visits with elderly at assisted living homes to teach older people the basics of operating a computer, the basics of email or using social media.

“We had a 97-year-old lady who bought her first laptop. We worked with her to teach her the basics and how to use the mouse pad,” she said.

The company began a few months ago when Charlie decided to leave the corporate world behind and venture out on his own. The Harbins are promoting Tech Nav door to door, leaving flyers, visiting senior centers, and using Facebook , the internet and The Knoxville Focus.

Their business is picking up and most of the customers are calling them and referring others for their assistance.

“We can work into people’s schedules. I can pick up the laptop, repair it, and drop it off to the person,” Charlie said, adding that Tech Nav is a “traveling tech support company that focuses on meeting needs without interrupting a client’s day.”

“We help people connect with loved ones through technology without stress,” Victory said.

Tech Nav charges are very reasonable and start at about $65 for new device set ups, broken device repair, upgrades, tune ups, virus scans, and troubleshooting. Lessons are only $50 when you purchase three sessions and data transfers with a backup is $75.

“We have a passion about empowering people though education. With patience and a bit of knowledge most things in the tech world are within reach” Charlie said.

“We’re excited to be part of using technology to strengthen relationships. We love to help people connect with their loved ones,” Victory said.

You can reach Charlie and Victory by calling (865) 210-9555 or email them at Their website is