We don’t have a problem with systemic racism in this country, we have a problem with systemic corruption.

—Leigh Bravo (head of anti-CRT task force Prince William County, Virginia)

By Dr. Jim Ferguson

Make no mistake, the Dems will go for broke on woke, because they have nothing else. Ten months of the progressive-socialist-Biden agenda has ravaged our economy producing inflation and shortages as well as raising the cost of nearly everything. The Dems have emboldened our enemies like China and Russia and harmed Americans by promoting lawlessness and invasion along our southern border. They have even spread Covid through inept management and flying unvaccinated illegals all over the country. However, reality will not humble or stop the Democrats because, as Victor David Hansen observed, “Ideology and power, not principle” is their modus operandi (method of operation). The Dems realize they must seize this moment to irrevocably transform the country because the 2022 elections will gut their power and make Ol’ Joe even more of a lame duck than he already is. Consequently, we are entering a time of extreme peril because a desperate adversary is even more dangerous.

I was trained in the scientific method which is based on reason, observation and testing. I never left that position, unlike Bill Nye, the so-called science guy, who left engineering to become a comic and has now become a comical Democrat activist (See his “cringeworthy” TikTok performance with iPOTUS, labeled as “Amtrak Joe”).

I was an academic underachiever until college. Coming up, I learned the basics, though my focus was on sports and girls. Nonetheless, my innate curiosity was nurtured during my education which also taught me that youthful passions need to be tempered with a healthy dose of skepticism. I have advised many patients that “You don’t want to be the first on the block to try a new medication, but don’t be the last in the neighborhood.”

Science thrives on skepticism, continually challenging orthodoxy, defined as “right (or conventional) belief.” How disturbing to hear Saint Fauci proclaim that he “represents science.” Actually, his is the face of hubris (arrogant pride), which the ancient Greeks recognized as the greatest sin. The Proverbist said, “Pride goeth before the fall.” Fauci has already fallen. He sold his soul to ideology and has become a swamp dweller like so many who go to Washington, D.C. This latest “Faucism” caused Senator Rand Paul to compare Fauci’s arrogance and dogma to the Medieval Church.

The same hubris has apparently destroyed Dr. Francis Collins as well. Collins was the head of the Human Genome Project and in recent years has been the head of the NIH (National Institutes of Health). He is stepping down after being caught up in the gain of function controversy associated with the Covid pandemic. His 2006 book “The Language of God” melds science and religion, revealing his own journey from atheism to theism. Unfortunately, the idol of power absolutely corrupts (Lord Acton).

After much research and contemplation, I took the Moderna vaccination series and recently a Covid booster. As a seventy-year-old with risk factors, the benefits for me outweighed the potential risks. After all, I’m in the autumn of my life, and long-term side effects are less of an issue for me. And I reasoned (and science confirms) that vaccination protects me now from serious disease and death. However, despite government orthodoxy, vaccination does not prevent Covid infection, nor does vaccination keep me from transmitting Covid to others if I acquire a “breakthrough” infection. I still believe young people should avoid Covid vaccination because their risk of serious disease is extremely low and we have no data on the long-term side effects of the novel vaccines. One expects fear-mongering from the execrable major news media and reprehensible politicos, but I expected more from men of science who have become apostates of virtue in the Washington swamp.

My skeptical nature has, in large measure, spared me from succumbing to the dogma of these titular experts. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And similarly, if the usual chorus of dishonest fear mongers in the alphabet media are screaming, I trust my common sense and observations to resist panicking.

There used to be news and opinion columns. I am not a journalist. And I don’t do investigative newsgathering or reporting. My column is not news, it is an opinion piece. Unfortunately, the media present their screed as news rather than ideology. You should beware.

I’ll admit that I’m in danger of becoming a cynic, a person who has negative opinions of others. Becky and I have begun watching our cycle of Christmas movies. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched the 1954 classic White Christmas, but I recently noticed that Bing Crosby’s character wrongly accused Rosemary Clooney’s character of manipulation and self-promotion rather than acting honorably. Apparently, there are even cynics in Christmas movies.

I’ve come to the conclusion that passing laws or changing administrations is not going to fix America’s problems. We are far beyond those small remedies. A recent poll shows 36% of Americans still approve of Ol’ Joe’s handling of the country. I suspect these people are so blinded by hatred that they have become irrational. They have become useful idiots for the media and turn a blind eye to what they actually see. Perhaps they just tune out or focus on themselves, as a liberal admitted to me.

There are biblical precedents for fixing huge messes. I’m not a fundamentalist. I believe the Bible gives us stories to consider and reflect upon. When apostasy, injustice and idolatry become the modus operandi, biblical history warns us. The destruction of the northern Kingdom of Israel by the Assyrians and the southern kingdom of Judah by the Babylonians should be a wake-up call for us.

It’s gonna be a rocky ride for America in the coming months and years, but God always saves a remnant to rebuild. I’ll add Mr. Liberal to my prayer list alongside our country, and send him President Trump’s Thanksgiving message, “Do not worry, we will be great again.”