By John J. Duncan Jr.

A recent Drudge Report had an article from a San Francisco publication which said 25 major corporations had moved their headquarters from California to Tennessee since June of 2018.

The report said 150,000 more people had left California than had moved in during the third quarter of 2021, which would be equivalent to 600,000 a year.
Do you think that liberals will ever wake up and realize or admit that their high tax, over regulation, excessive spending policies are driving people away from the cities and states they run.

Maybe they don’t care, because if they run all the conservative, pro-business, small government people out, it will be easier for them to stay in office. But eventually those offices will not be worth having.

Nancy Pelosi does not spend much time in San Francisco. For years, she has used the excuse of her duties as speaker to justify spending most of her time in Washington and traveling all around the U.S. and the world.

But who could blame her? There have been numerous reports showing that very close to her gated community are homeless camps and streets filled with human feces and drug addicts’ needles.

And, in San Francisco and almost every city run by Democrats over the last 40 to 50 years, taxes and crime have skyrocketed and almost everyone has left or is leaving except for the extremely rich or extremely poor.

Walgreens has closed 22 stores in San Francisco since 2016 after the city effectively decriminalized shoplifting under $950 in value. The Wall Street Journal called the city a “shoplifters’ paradise.”

Walgreens found that San Francisco had four times more shoplifting than any place else, and they had to spend 35% more on security there. Several other chains closed stores there, stopped being open at night, or required advance appointments to shop.

Smash and grab crime sprees were being done primarily by young African-Americans, but finally, even the African American mayor of San Francisco got fed up and called for a police crack- down.

The big increase in crime in most cities coincided with the Congress voting to send checks to almost everyone even when they hadn’t worked for it. This left too many young thugs with too much time on their hands.

It also came about after the far-left extremist billionaire, George Soros, spent millions all over the country to elect soft-on-crime, liberal district attorneys.

Now, recall campaigns are being organized to get these left-wing, Soros sponsored prosecutors out of office even in heavily democratic places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and other cities.

I did read a few years ago that he had destroyed the currency in at least 15 countries and then I suppose swooped in like a vulture.

Maybe his plan is to destroy some of our big cities with soft-on-crime policies and then buy up all kinds of things for pennies on the dollar figuring that the economy would eventually come back.

He is a very old man, but still very greedy, and he has three sons and other family members, and they are socialist. Socialism is great for the people at the top and is really good only for wiping out the middle class.

In the 1950s and 60s, the top executives of our largest corporations had salaries averaging only 13 times more than their lowest paid workers.

However, the bigger the federal government became, the gap between the rich and the poor exploded.

Someday, more people will realize that big government is great for the wealthy and terrible for the little guy.