By Steve Hunley

For those of us who love our country this is a very sad time. Never in my life have I seen such division in America nor have I seen such blatant and proud disregard for our laws, traditions, and history. The United States of America is under a vicious assault by the left in this country. These are the same folks who have utterly rejected the election of Donald Trump as President. They were accustomed to being in power and fully expected to remain in power should Hillary Clinton be elected. Now, out of power, they have turned their fury on President Trump and the legitimately elected government of the United States.
There is reason to be quite concerned, if not outright worried. The left has descended into a sort of tribalism through its insistence of pursuing identity politics. The Democratic party has sought to keep and reward various subgroups through the law. The left seeks to take from some to give to those comprising those same subgroups. It scorns religion, seemingly with the exception of Islam, and considers those who put their faith in God as not just quaint, but deluded and deserving of ridicule. These people on the left also seem to believe there is nothing good or noble about our country. They are laying siege to the very things that made our country great: freedom of speech, faith and family. Indeed, the left openly holds the very foundations of our country as antiquated and useless. Worse still, increasingly, the left refuses to denounce violence in political discourse.
The main tool utilized by the left is hypocrisy while its most important ally, the mainstream media, employs questionable news to divert the attention of Americans. We have a special prosecutor appointed when there has not been a single, solitary shred of evidence that any crime has been committed. We have the Washington Post repeatedly printing stories that are simply not true and yet there are those who wonder why a growing number of Americans are distrustful and suspicious of the news media. The media has pounced on reports of a memorandum written by former FBI Director James Comey insinuating some legal trespass by President Trump, yet at the same time completely ignoring the fact the law requires Comey to have reported such an incident, should it have occurred, to the Justice Department. Furthermore, for Comey not to have reported such an occurrence could be a serious violation of the law. Common sense appears to be on vacation while fairness has seemingly passed away.
It seems the possibility of reasonable discourse is flat out dead. The left in this country has discarded views that liberals in this nation once cherished; freedom of speech would be at the top of the list. Some on the left have condemned books by conservative authors and hint at banning books. I suppose the only thing remaining is actually burning books, which was once anathema. Jamelle Bouie, writing in Slate magazine, published an article screaming “Government by White Nationalists Is Upon Us.” Linda Sarsour, one of the organizers of the “Some Women March,” blithely said, “if you’re in a movement and you’re not following a woman of color, you’re in the wrong movement.” Comedians make sick jokes about President Trump and his daughter and one wonders just what the reaction would have been had a comedian made the same joke about Barack Obama and one of his daughters? There is not a single thought of attempting to unify this country. Quite to the contrary, it seems our current political discourse is designed to divide the country until it rips asunder.
Between those college students who apparently require play-doh and bubble therapy due to Trump’s election and the extremists who populate many of the Town Hall meetings angrily and noisily dragging down what passes for discourse in this country, it is clear these folks represent a clear and genuine threat to the future of our country. I’m beginning to think what these people really want is to turn the United States into an American version of the socialist paradise they believe Venezuela to be, despite the fact many people in that country cannot let their pets out of doors any longer due to the fact the neighbors might eat the cat or dog. These folks readily condone rioting and violence, especially if they support a particular cause.
While the media diverts attention away from the real issues, not the least of which is a madman in North Korea with nuclear weapons with a stubby finger on the button, the left is busily employing literally any tactic in their arsenal, which includes vandalism, violence and arson. The left has no moral high ground to denounce “hate speech” as their own actions are hated-filled, but again, hypocrisy seems to be an integral part of the far left who would change every thing about our country.
We cannot afford to simply look the other way or pretend these things aren’t permeating every aspect of our society. When did violence beget anything other than more violence? Our country is more divided than at any time since the Civil War and the left may discover the right and those folks in the middle aren’t going to simply roll over and play dead.
Ultimately diversion, distraction and division may well lead to destruction of a different and more terrible kind.