Publisher’s Position: Pure Evil

By Steve Hunley
“There is no equivalency. There is no ‘both sides’ argument. There is no moral relativism. This is pure evil.” That was part of a statement released by those Republicans and Democrats who run on the Republican line in New York City’s City Hall.

The world has not seen such savagery as that practiced by Hamas against the Israeli people since Hitler’s armies marched during World War II. Among the gruesome discoveries made by Israeli soldiers coming into Kfar Aza was the unspeakably horrible sight of 40 dead babies, some of whom had been beheaded. Young men and women attending a music festival were targeted and systematically murdered by Hamas. Homes were invaded where the bodies of parents were found dead, covering the bodies of their children in a last attempt to save them. One young woman awoke not to her grandmother’s usual morning telephone call, but a video of her beloved grandmother being savagely butchered by a Hamas murderer who had sent it to her from her grandmother’s phone. Israeli Major General Itai Veruv said, “It’s not a war, it’s not a battlefield. You see the babies, the mother, the father, in their bedrooms, in their protection rooms, and how the terrorists killed them.” 1,200 Israelis have been murdered so far after Hamas struck while Israel was celebrating a holiday. So, too, 27 Americans have been murdered and 14 are missing or remain “unaccounted for.”

These bestial acts of monumental savagery were committed by terrorists, not soldiers. The United States, along with the governments of Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union tried Germans and Japanese individuals for war crimes following World War II, more than a few were executed for their crimes against humanity.

It is almost unbelievable there are Americans who have spoken out and even celebrated the attack on the citizens of Israel. There was a time when the Democratic Party was solidly behind the Jewish state of Israel. It was President Harry Truman, a Democrat, who supported the creation of a Jewish homeland following the Holocaust. Most Jews in America were Democrats, and most still are today, but now the Democratic Party has changed.

Now the Democrat Party is the roost of the most openly antisemitic public officials since Adolf Hitler and his Nazis came to power in Germany. Like the Nazis, Hamas believes in the literal extinction of the Jews. Ilhan Omar, a Democrat congresswoman from Minnesota, has never acknowledged the attack against America from 9/11. Following the brutal attacks on Israel and the large-scale raping and killing, the taking of hostages including toddlers, Omar went on Twitter or X or whatever it is today, to denounce Israel, not the murderers. Omar said Israel’s response to the attacks was a “war crime.” Congresswoman Omar demanded Congress cut off aid to Israel and stop selling weapons to the Jewish state. Omar has accused her fellow congressmen of being corrupt for having supported Israel, tweeting, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby,” meaning $100 bills. She has also tweeted, “Israel has hypnotized the world.” Omar, when criticized, claimed she didn’t know there were “tropes about Jews and money.” Omar said the very founding of Israel was nothing less than a “catastrophe.” It doesn’t require hardly any brain power to realize Ilhan Omar is an antisemite.

Congresswoman Cori Bush, an overfed, self-important loudmouth from Missouri with fingernails like Fu Manchu, is as much an antisemite as Omar. If both were in a contest for the Most Stupid Member of Congress, it would be a toss-up. Bush wants to defund the police, yet funds her own private security. She married one of her security officers, so that comes right back to her through her campaign funds. Bush called for “ending U. S. government support for Israeli military occupation and apartheid.” A 24-carat hypocrite and an antisemite.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib issued her own statement last Sunday before last attacking not Hamas, but Israel instead. Of course, this is the same woman who said the very thought of the Holocaust causes her to have a “calming feeling” inside. In other words, Tlaib feels calm when she considers the work done by the murderous Heinrich Himmler, who carried out Hitler’s lethal “Final Solution” to eradicating Jews. Yet another Democrat antisemite.

Democrats really ought to be careful about slinging around the word “Nazi,” as it’s readily apparent the members of the “Squad,” are as rabidly antisemitic as any member of the Gestapo. Senator Lindsey Graham had some excellent advice for the members of the Squad which bears repeating: “To the Squad: shut the hell up. You’re emboldening the enemy. You’re a disgrace to the United States Congress. You’re siding with terrorists over a democracy called Israel.” AMEN.

Even those Democrats who aren’t antisemites are afraid of criticizing those who are. House Democrats never censured Ilhan Omar for her blatantly antisemitic remarks and left her on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. It took a Republican Speaker to remove her from that important committee.

The truth is the Left in this country is accepting of antisemitism. It is equally true those decent Democrats are fearful of reprimanding the Squad members and other Democrats who are openly, defiantly antisemitic.

There was a pro-terror march in New York City. Those marchers were laughing and cheering the terrible murders of Israeli people. Students at George Washington University wearing masks to hide their faces and refusing to tell reporters their names, held a rally to support Hamas.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina rightfully identified Iran as the culprit for exporting as much terrorism as it does oil. Mention of Iran has been missing in the conversation; Biden never once mentioned Iran when addressing the attack on Israel. Now it is known that Americans are being held hostage by Hamas. Senator Graham suggested Iran be warned for every American harmed, we will destroy one of their oil refineries. Once again, AMEN.

The notion that terrorists can be appeased is foolish. Great Britain and France tried to appease Hitler and that, too, failed.

The students at George Washington University likely don’t realize those same bands of murderers want to do the same here; they wish to inflict pain, suffering and death upon Americans. They did exactly that on 9/11. Nor would those students or their families be exempt. The appetite for victims by killers can never be appeased either.

As Israel moves to do what is right – – – remove the stench of Hamas from the face of God’s earth – – – when they cry women and children are dying, remember they specifically targeted children- – – infants and toddlers – – – as well as women, and the elderly for mass butchery. They delighted in the killing of the most vulnerable. May they know the same kind of mercy which they showed the innocent.