Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley

Anti-Semitic Evil

If anyone doubts the moral rot in this nation, all one has to do is look at TV screens showing demonstrators on any number of college campuses who are accusing Israel of “genocide.”  Encouraged by leftist professors who are all too often protected by tenure, campuses have become a pit of woke culture in place of providing an education so young people can graduate, get a job, and become a productive citizen.  Working people have been too busy trying to earn a living to pay much attention to what’s happening on college campuses.  Many of us have turned a blind eye because we’ve believed in free speech and academic freedom, only to wake up to discover most of the kids at American colleges and universities don’t support either free speech or academic freedom.

For decades, the Democratic Party has been drifting towards two goals: socialism and antisemitism.  I’ve stated in previous editorials Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are openly antisemitic Members of Congress.  Immediately after the explosion at the hospital in Gaza, both, true to form, jumped to blame Israel.  Like so many of their ilk, they needed not a single fact before making their accusations.  Nor did most of the mainstream news media for that matter.  Every scrap of evidence points to the Palestinian Islamic Jihadists misfiring one of their own rockets.  Hamas has shelled Palestinians trying to flee Gaza and just why any thinking person would believe a terrorist organization gave a hoot about the Palestinian people defies common sense and rational thought.  People who use others literally as human shields aren’t at all worried about their welfare.  Hamas, and other terrorists like them, burrow deep into residential areas, congregate near schools, churches and hospitals for their own protection.  It has nothing to do with their concern for the people unfortunate enough to live nearby.

There is also a disturbing habit amongst much of the Democratic Party who seem unable to pin the blame squarely where it belongs on those who are responsible for providing arms, means, training, money, and material to the terrorist: the government of Iran.  The Democratic Socialists, and there are more of them in Congress than you probably think, have begun to splinter over the question of condemning Hamas and its unspeakable brutality.

What civilized, much less decent human being can celebrate the beheading of babies, the killing of toddlers and old people?  What kind of person supports a group which rapes 12 year-old girls and then burns them alive?  Some college students and people like Ilhan Omar.  Omar posted on her X/Twitter account, “Bombing a hospital is among the gravest of war crimes.”  Even a blind hog eventually will find a truffle, I reckon.  Omar is right; what she was wrong about was that it wasn’t the Israeli’s, but the Palestinian Islamic Jihad who was responsible.  You’ll see pigs ice skating in Hell and dancing with the Devil before you see or hear Ilhan Omar calling for any member of the Islamic Jihad to be tried for war crimes.

Nobody who failed to denounce the beheading of babies, the murder of toddlers, the elderly and youngsters at a dance have the right to even breathe a word about war crimes.  Clearly, they have no concept of what it is.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the Hamas the “new Nazis,” which is pretty much what the editorial last week pointed out.  Jew haters and antisemites are pretty much the same thing and Hamas, the government of Iran and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad all have that in common with Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler.  Like every Nazi committed to Hitler’s  “Final Solution,” those same organizations are for the literal extermination of the Jewish people and Israel.  These people are indeed the New Nazis and let’s not forget it.


More Antisemitic Evil

Too many of the Democratic Socialists are used to having their narrative take front and center stage with everyone in their path capable of reasoning being cancelled if they dare to utter a peep.  Karen Attiah, a columnist for the Washington Post, wrote in a column a week ago Friday that “we cannot stand and watch Israel commit atrocities.”  That brought Attiah in for a bit of criticism of her own.  Some wondered why she never bothered to condemn the “genocidal language” of the Hamas charter, as well as her failure to deplore the fact Hamas has taken hostages including toddlers.  One post wondered if Ms. Attiah could imagine American journalists arguing the United States stand down after the 9/11 attacks because it was our own fault.  Too many of us can well imagine that very thing.  As one gentleman posted in reply to Karen Attiah’s imbecilic ranting:

“Much of the media really is made up of the enemies of the people, and of the West.”  That same fellow labeled it just what it was: “unbelievable garbage.”  Yet I think another post summed it up best:

“Murdering children – – specifically targeting them – – and then playing the victim.  Hamas is repulsive, and their apologists are soulless anti-Semites.”


Schiff: Your Ignorance Is Showing

If anyone has ever accused Congressman Adam Schiff of being smart, I’m unaware of it.  Schiff was on X/Twitter last week worrying about Jim Jordan becoming Speaker of the House, writing if elected, Jordan would be the one counting the electoral votes in the next presidential election.

That won the idiot congressman from California a Community Note from X, which corrected his post, noting the Vice President of the United States presides over the counting of the electoral votes.  The note cited sources from the Library of Congress, the National Archives, and the media outlet, The Hill.

Schiff has been in Congress since 2001 and has a law degree from Harvard, which explains a lot.  Evidently, Schiff came to Congress empty-headed and remains that way.  He probably should have spent more time in class and less protesting.

This is yet another reminder why we should teach civics in high school.