Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley

Jane George: Another Lockstep Liberal

Jane George, a failed candidate for the Tennessee State Senate four years ago, has announced she’s off and running for Congress.  George is a Democrat and says at least where fiscal policy is concerned, she’s “pretty moderate.”  That doesn’t cover a big swath of territory and leaves open to question what her idea of “moderate” is exactly.

George will try to paint incumbent Tim Burchett as some kind of extremist while trying to position herself, at least visually, somewhere in the middle.  George says she intends to try and appeal to moderate Republicans.  Really?  If Jane George managed to get herself elected to the U. S. House of Representatives, would she vote for a moderate Republican for speaker?  No.  George would surely vote for Hakeem Jeffries who is about as moderate as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While it is certainly true Republicans in the House have been flying off in every direction, it is also equally true that the Democrats have stuck together like they were bonded with Gorilla Glue.  Moderates of any kind are conspicuously absent from the Democrat caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives.

House Democrats have a lot of folks like Jamaal Bowman, the guy who pulled the fire alarm to get out of the House Office Building, and Pramila Jayapal, who couldn’t bring herself to say Hamas terrorists raping women and girls was vile and despicable.  Democrats have gotten themselves into a bit of a bind since the rioting of the summer of 2020 and the season of the “mostly peaceful” riots that featured killings, burning and a whole lotta looting.  There is a big element of the Democrat party who truly believe any means is justified.  Some of those same folks are parading around streets carrying signs saying the horrors inflicted upon Israeli citizens are justified.

There is no politician in Tennessee’s Second Congressional District who better understands kitchen table issues than Tim Burchett, a fact Jane George will learn sometime next year.  While she rattles on about climate change and says little or nothing about the travesty inflicted upon the Israeli people, don’t expect Jane George to talk about the cost of gas, which really matters to working people.  How many working people can afford a Prius even if the infrastructure was in place?  Families are paying more in taxes and more for the cost of food and housing because of the policies of not Republicans, but rather Democrats.  Families are spending about $800 more per month because of the inflation spawned by Joe Biden’s policy.  That’s just what we need in Congress right now, another rubber stamp for Joe Biden’s failed agenda and Bidenomics.  There are NO moderate Republicans who support Biden and his agenda.  Those are called Democrats.


Mandate for EVs Would Stifle Competition

Democrats are waging a war on fossil fuels and have already made our country energy dependent on others when we had been independent four short years ago.  But Democrats routinely engage in “gaslighting.”  In fact, it is a standard prop in their usual bag of tricks.  Republicans in Congress are currently working to stop what amounts to an Electric Vehicle mandate.  Democrats ignore the cost differential (they don’t care) between gas-powered vehicles and EVs, nor do they care whether the necessary infrastructure is in place.  John Bozzella, the CEO of the Alliance for Automotive

Innovation, recently stated, “Auto Innovators does not believe [the new standards proposed by congressional Democrats] can be met without substantially increasing the cost of vehicles, reducing consumer choice, and disadvantaging major portions of the United States population.”

In short, make a standard so stringent it becomes a de facto mandate.  The Democrats also plan to raise the cost of gas-powered cars to make the price of EVs competitive.

Who benefits the most from EV mandates currently? CHINA, that’s who.  Biden says he will veto a bill that would kill the mandate.  Of course, he would.  How much money did his family get from the Chinese?


Antisemitic Hypocrites

“Many of the people who have expressed [antisemitic] statement in America aren’t neo-Nazis, or card-carrying Klan members or Islamic extremists. They are in many cases people that most liberal Jewish Americans felt previously were their ideological fellow travelers.  Not long ago, many of us marched together for Black and brown lives.”  So said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, finally, about the rampant antisemitism in our country today, coming from the American Left.

The hypocrisy of the Left has been readily apparent to most everybody who isn’t a faithful viewer of Rachel Maddow and MSNBC.  The very same people who celebrate “diversity” and preach “inclusion” are largely those who sound like state officials from Hitler’s Germany.

Much of that antisemitism is centered on college and university campuses in this country and several university presidents have been called before the House of Representatives.  These doyens of higher education did nothing to make any objective observer conclude they were smart, much less prepared to discuss the topic of tolerating open antisemitism.  The handful of university presidents gathered before Congresswoman Virginia Foxx’s Education & Workforce Committee.  They still seem to be trying to explain their way out of what they said at the time of the committee hearings.

In her opening statement, Foxx said, “However, after the events of the past two months, it is clear that rabid antisemitism and the university are two ideas that cannot be cleaved from one another.  We must be clear on the ideological dimension of this problem.  For years, universities have stoked the flames of an ideology which goes by many names – – – anti-racism, anti-colonialism, critical race theory, DEI, intersectionality, the list goes on.”  And so it does.

Foxx pinpointed the problem, telling the university presidents the “value system . . . centers the identity on immutable racial and sexual characteristics” and “present a delusion that the color of one’s skin and expression of one’s chromosomes sort society into classes of oppressed and oppressors.”

Virginia Foxx neatly sorted through what American colleges and universities have been filling the heads of students with for decades now.  Foxx told the president of Harvard her university was “ground zero for antisemitism” following the brutal and vicious attack on Israeli citizens on October 7.

The presidents of Harvard, UPenn and MIT did little in their appearances to reassure anyone.  Suddenly, these folks were talking about free speech, which has been denied conservatives on campuses for years.

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik pointed out that the answers by the presidents involving the slaughter of innocent civilians left a lot to be desired just from the standpoint of being a decent human being.  Stefanik said the answers provided to the House Education Committee were nothing less than “moral depravity.”  Stefanik denounced the “pathetic” attempts by Liz Magill, president of the University of Pennsylvania, who waited 24 hours to try and clarify her failure to truly denounce the bestial attacks, finally saying it was “evil.”

Or as Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana said recently, “Because they have been taught this, we now know that many of our young people believe in diversity, equity, inclusion and the right to kill Jews.  They don’t see the inconsistency in that, they don’t see the irony in that.”