Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley

Claudine Gay Resigns… Good Riddance

Claudine Gay, the president of Harvard, has offered up her resignation after her abysmal performance at a now notorious congressional hearing.  Gay might have survived that episode had it not been for growing accusations of plagiarism piling up.  The congressional hearing was an especially sorry spectacle where Gay, along with two other university heads, simply couldn’t bring themselves to denounce genocide against Jewish people.  Naturally, the Left is attempting to ignore reality and chalk up Gay’s resignation to racism.  Gay herself attempted to do the same and seemed delighted to play the race card and proclaim herself a victim.  If Claudine Gay is a victim, it is because of her own stupidity and insensitivity.  And, of course, the Left is trying to pin the blame for Harvard’s diversity hire of a president quitting on conservatives.  That overlooks there were self-described liberals who called for Gay to step aside, as well as progressive students who were outraged.  The difference in the treatment of Harvard’s president and students accused of plagiarism was night and day and utterly hypocritical.  Those students rightly complained there was a double standard, and they were being held to a higher standard than the president of Harvard.  As to the plagiarism charges, Harvard acknowledged some “duplications” and tried to alter the meaning of the word, a courtesy yet to be extended to students accused of the same thing.

One doesn’t have to be a conservative to call out a lack of moral courage or even acknowledge the difference between right and wrong.  Would our society countenance the genocide of any other segment of our society?  Claudine Gay’s fall was of her own making whether the progressive left accepts it or not.  The notion that a group of university and college presidents couldn’t simply denounce the call for killing off an entire race of people hasn’t been seen since Adolf Hitler’s Germany.  It is obscene and should frighten all intelligent people.

Claudine Gay doubled down, publishing an op-ed in the New York Times, another institution that is a shadow of what it once was.  Gay complains about “demagogues” who helped to bring about her fall and attempts to paint herself as a martyr and victim extraordinaire.  The fact remains Claudine Gay is a victim of what installed her as president of Harvard in the first place: DEI.  Gay couldn’t bring herself to just say the genocide of any race was a horrible, terrible, unacceptable thing.  Claudine Gay victimized herself.  Ms. Gay was a child of privilege and the fact of the matter is incompetence comes in every color of the rainbow and more besides.  Every human being makes mistakes; acknowledging them and correcting ourselves is what sets us apart.


Democrats Vote To Ban Sex Change Surgeries For Underage Children

There are 12 courageous Democrats in the New Hampshire legislature who voted to ban sex change surgeries for children.  State Representative Jonah Wheeler, a 20-year-old and self-described liberal Democrat, pointed out that what was before the legislature was the subject of irreversible surgeries for children.  Wheeler said he was staunchly for the rights of different minorities, and argued the legislation didn’t signal whether one was with the trans community.  Representative Wheeler said, “I don’t think that children should be able to get these irreversible surgeries.”


Get Well, Randy

The Tennessee General Assembly will be back in session this week.  Legislators are already preparing to introduce bills and the deadline will be at the end of this month.  Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally will miss the first part of the legislative session as he will be recovering from surgery on his ankle.  McNally will be in constant communication with Nashville on a daily, if not hourly basis.

Representatives Concerned About Post Office Changes

Congressman Andy Ogles went to visit the Border with House Speaker Mike Johnson.  The number of illegals coming across the unsecured border has skyrocketed over the past month.

Closer to home, Congressman Tim Burchett rescued a snapping turtle that was in the road, probably saving its life.  Burchett was also busy monitoring changes in the US Postal offices locally.  The Post Office Department in Washington, D.C. has proposed changes that will affect postal employees and postal offices in Knoxville, Johnson City, and Chattanooga.  The idea, like most ideas that originate in Washington, D.C., involve consolidating things into big regional centers.  That for Knoxville and East Tennessee would be located in Louisville, Kentucky.  The outspoken Burchett was irritated by the failure of postal representatives to ignore or not answer questions posed by staff members and the general public at a recent listening session.  Burchett fired off a letter to the Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, telling him the meeting was nothing less than a waste of time for all concerned.  After that, Burchett and two of his colleagues, Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger and Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, lit up another joint letter, pointing out no fewer than 1,200 East Tennesseans are employed by the Post Office Department.  The congressional trio demanded to know the answers to several questions of importance to their constituents.  Look for a blowup on the part of the East Tennesseans if it is true the post office bureaucracy has received the letter and once again failed to answer a single question.