Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley


We’ve all heard about the wizardry of “Bidenomics” and the dunderheads in Washington are all wondering why folks aren’t dancing in the streets for joy.  Apparently, the dunderheads all employ illegal aliens to do their grocery shopping and just about every other household chore.  The average family is paying 20% more for the same products just to get by; that’s the reality of Bidenomics for most people and every working family.

Then there is the “Idiotnomics” of California, a state with a $68 billion and growing deficit.  “Idiotnomics” is governmental fiscal policy formulated by a group of child-like minds with a bent left of socialism and headed pell-mell toward Crazytown as fast as their little feet can carry them.  It’s spending by idiots, usually for idiots, and paid for by everybody who works.  These folks couldn’t run a modest sized hot dog stand, much less a food truck.  You’d know if they did run a food truck; it would be the one where they never turned a profit, lost money and every customer died of botulism, a climate change card clutched in their hands.    “Idiotnomics” are very popular in blue cities and California especially.

Folks are leaving California like their Fruit-of-the-Looms are on fire.  Now, Governor Gavin Newsome and the California legislature has decided to extend free Medi-Cal healthcare coverage to illegal immigrants.  Beginning January 1, 2024, illegals can access free health care in a state close to being belly up financially.  The authors of “Idiotnomics” have made illegals between the ages of 26 – 49 eligible, which is estimated to add some 700,000 users to the system and cost around $2.7 billion.  California’s reimbursement rate to doctors is already well below that of what is typically paid by insurers, which means there is a very good possibility there will be fewer doctors accepting it as almost 1 million new users hop on board.  And who in his right mind could possibly be surprised to discover California is already experiencing serious physician and healthcare staffing shortages?  The fiscal hawks in California have supposedly instituted a spending freeze for the remainder of the year.

Like the self-designated multitude of “sanctuary” cities who said they would take in the migrants, until it actually happened, California and America’s big cities are sinking under a rising tide of maladministration, woke policies that break the financial bank and cause their residents to flee as fast as they can where people are normal.  Apparently, the financial geniuses in California haven’t thought about the number of illegal immigrants coming to their state (especially when they are offering “free stuff”) might grow and thereby raise costs.  It won’t be long before there will be government scholarships to go to a local college for a degree in Idiotnomics.  These are the same people who think has-been celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg and never-a-celebrity Sunny Hostin are oracles and their opinions on government and politics mean something when it’s more like the braying of jackasses.


More Woke Idiocy

Elon Musk, the tech billionaire, is under fire for making a bold statement.  When New York City public school students were forced to remain home for remote learning so their schools could be used to house illegals, Musk posted on X, formerly Twitter, “This is what happens when you run out of hotel rooms.  Soon, cities will run out of schools to vacate.  Then they will come for your homes.”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is wringing his hands and acknowledging the local government can’t afford the illegals coming into the city, even though they proclaimed themselves to be a sanctuary city.  Of course, saying you are something doesn’t usually cost a penny.  It’s the doing that costs.  Adams and everybody like him could hold on to their pearls and scold red states who have dealt with 10 and 20 times the numbers that have sent the northerners into a tizzy and absorbed the costs while ICE agents change diapers and make sandwiches.  The spending is unreal, unbudgeted, and actual taxpaying citizens are being treated like second-class citizens to people who aren’t citizens at all.

Little whiny sanctuarians like Eric Adams blame bad ol’ Governor Greg Abbott who is simply shipping the illegals to those places who say everyone is welcome, but that isn’t the truth.  The blame falls right into the wobbly lap of Old Joe Biden who insists the border is closed when we’ve seen record crossings.  Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey has quite nearly swooned and is asking residents to consider taking illegal families into their homes.  That ought to fix the problem.  Anybody with the sense God gave a goose knows you can’t put 10 pounds of lard into a 5-pound bucket and 20 people can’t live together comfortably or decently in a 2000 square foot home, much less feed everybody off the same income.

It’s Border policy brought to you by the inventors of “Idiotnomics.”


Even More Woke Idiocy

Lest you think it’s only Americans who bow down to the “Idiotnomic” crowd, the philosophy has spread like the bubonic plague back in the day.  According to Britain’s Daily Mail, better than 50% of the World Health Organization’s transgender health policy committee are not medical professionals and have no medical backgrounds.  But fret not, many of them are gender activists.  These are the folks who “will provide evidence and implementation guidance on health sector interventions aimed at increasing access and utilization of quality and respectful health services by trans and gender diverse people.”  That’s according to a press release from the World Health Organization.   Out of 21 committee members, 8 are doctors, 7 are trans people, and 10 have some element of a medical background, which might include having designed the “Enchanted Unicorns” band-aids.


Coming Soon?

Last week saw the anniversary of patriot Thomas Paine’s publication of ”Common Sense,” which was first published on January 10, 1776.  I hear “The Dummy’s Guide to Idiocracy” is soon to be published and will be available at a college or university near you.