Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley

They Doth Protest Too Much

One of the best examples of being out-of-touch by a creature of the Washington Beltway is Chuck Todd.  Evidently Chuck is operating under the massive delusion there are people in America who consider him to be a real journalist.  Chuck is nothing of the kind.  I am not a cheerleader for Ronna McDaniel, but the outpouring of viciousness from the Leftists that comprise the “talent” on NBC and MSDNC is laughable in its hypocrisy.  McDaniel was the spokeswoman for a political party; once hired by a network, she was free to voice her own opinions.  The most notable thing about the faces on NBC and MSDNC is the complete lack of talent.  Rachel Maddow has all the credibility of the Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.  The only thing joyful about Joy Reid is there is only one of her and the vacuum between her ears is as wide as the Earth is as far from the moon.  Chuck Todd promoted Jen Psaki’s show, as giddy as a kid at Christmas.  The first thing Chuck Todd said was that his objections had nothing to do with ideology.  Nobody could find a bigger load of BS on the biggest cattle ranch in Texas.  Chuck says it’s about “honest journalists” and those folks trying to say it is about ideology are being dishonest.  I haven’t seen one single journalist on NBC or MSDNC, much less someone who was honest.  I have some news for you, Chuck, your credibility ceased to exist a longtime ago and your own ideology, like that of Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid, is there for all to see.  The fact that all of you barely have an audience speaks volumes.

Chuck’s smug, self-righteous outrage was the prompt for the inmates to storm the asylum.  The network’s employees began berating their bosses.

Lester Holt of NBC News is the very same person who said: “I think it’s become clearer that fairness is overrated.  Before you run out and tweet that headline, let me explain a bit.  The idea that we should always give two sides equal weight and merit does not reflect the world we find ourselves in.  That the sun sets in the west is a fact.”  And Lester, just because some moron on your network says so, doesn’t make it a fact.  Holt was saying “journalists” need to throw out any objectivity and they’ve certainly done that on NBC and MSDNC.  What is amusing is the fact they really think people don’t see past their lies.

NBC and MSDNC and their “news” departments make no real effort to be the least bit objective or fair in what passes for their “reporting.”  What they are is leftist activists promoting their own narrative, irrespective of facts and the truth.  And that’s a fact, Lester.  The very same people who suppress free speech and try and remove candidates from the ballot and cry “democracy.”  If that’s democracy, so was Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao’s China.

Chuck Todd is no icon of journalism and really isn’t in the business of reporting the news.  Outside of Washington, D. C. and a handful of college professors, who watches these people?  Nobody, actually.  The only way Chuck Todd could even be considered to be in the same profession that Walter Cronkite was is if he is compared to Don Lemon, who is the absolute bottom line of diversity hires on networks.

If hypocrisy had a stench NBC and MSDNC would be the Polecat Fake News Network.  Smellovision would exceed the number of deaths of Americans from the fentanyl from the open border these same people have told us is secure.  Chuck Todd has no right to even speak the word “gaslighting” as NBC and MSDNC does little else.  Ronna McDaniel’s offense is having said the 2020 election wasn’t “fair,” a sin that cannot be abided by on-air personalities of NBC and MSDNC.  The very same people who referred to Stacy Abrams as Georgia’s real governor after she lost an election by more than 54,000 votes. The very same people who cooed and purred when Hillary Clinton said her defeat was the result of Russian collusion, a myth that has been utterly debunked.   No one at NBC or MSDNC had any trouble with “election deniers” until 2020.  They sure as shootin’ didn’t have any trouble with 31 Democrat congressmen who tried to halt the certification of Ohio’s electors following the 2004 election.  For Chuck Todd to claim the RNC was guilty of gaslighting is absurd coming from someone who has done nothing but gaslight the American people.  The censorship of dissident views on social media during the COVID panic, the insistence by the mainstream media, including NBC and MSDNC that no American had been left behind in Afghanistan, pushing the narrative Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian “disinformation.”  If Ronna McDaniel is guilty of gaslighting, then Jen Psaki would be the Queen Mother of gaslighters while spouting her drivel from her pulpit in the White House.

This entire episode is more gaslighting.  The denial that McDaniel’s dismissal has nothing to do with ideology is a lie.

As this paper comes out on April Fool’s Day, our fool for April Fool’s Day – – – and every day – – – is Chuck Todd.


Trickle Down Taxes

The current revenue produced in this country in federal taxes is $4.4 trillion.  That’s a lot of money and we are spending far more now than we did a few years ago.  That same amount would have given our government a surplus at the spending levels of just 2018 and we would have come out even in fiscal year 2019.  Does the government really need to spend more of our money?  No.  Democrats want to keep spending and now they are looking to tax pensions, small businesses, homes and any other asset a middle-class person might own.  When they talk of “billionaires” and millionaires,” what they really mean is working Americans.  The wealthiest 1% in the country pay 46% of all federal income taxes; the top 10% pays nearly 76% of all federal income taxes.

When the income tax first began, it was designed to affect only the wealthier people.  That didn’t last long.