Publisher’s Positions

By Steve Hunley

The Wrecking Crew… Rule Or Ruin

I have always admired Newt Gingrich and recall the “revolution” that saw Republicans win the House of Representatives in 1994.  The first thing that the new Republican majority did was to elect Gingrich as Speaker of the House.  When a friend sent me a link to a recent interview with Newt Gingrich with Politico, I read it with a lot of interest.

Gingrich was outspoken in his advice about current House Speaker Mike Johnson being picked at by Marjorie Taylor Green and a few other members of the Republican Caucus.  Gingrich had recently said Johnson is “working to lead the most complicated House since the Civil War.”  I agree with the statement.  Gingrich called Matt Gaetz a “super narcissist” and said Johnson was leading a caucus where “30 or 40 members who ideologically wake up every morning knowing that they’re gonna vote no – – – they’re not sure what the issue is, but they know they’re going to vote no.”  Gingrich also said it is important to remember the current Speaker doesn’t have a working majority on the House Rules Committee.

Newt Gingrich said, “The demons that Gaetz unleashed by going after McCarthy are still out there.  You can’t govern by shooting yourself in the head every day.”

As Gingrich said, the House of Representatives isn’t a PTA meeting, it has some very serious constitutional obligations.  What it comes down to is a minority trying to dictate to a majority.  “What are you going to do?  Are we going to run around every day, stick your finger up in the air and see if Matt Gaetz blows on it?” Gingrich told the interviewer.

Unless the majority confirms to every desire and belief of the minority, that same minority will pull down the House around them.  That strategy benefits only Democrats and the Crazy Caucus.

The Wrecking Crew has its own members here as they are trying to infiltrate the Three Rivers Republican Club and take it over.  Last I knew, non-citizens cannot vote in American elections, much as the progressives want them to.  If I tried to vote at the Farragut precinct, I couldn’t because I don’t live there.  This same Wrecking Crew hasn’t done much in the way of growing the Knox Republican Party.

The Wrecking Crew members can’t even get along with each other.  They couldn’t even run a Facebook page without flinging accusations, very personal accusations, at one another, squalling theft.  They are always creating drama and they don’t seem interested in the bread-and-butter issues facing most working families today.  They aren’t barn builders, but they will burn it down just to spite someone who has one more cow than they do.

They spend their time harassing and bullying and reserve their strongest criticisms and personal insults for other Republicans.  Most of them have done little for the Republican Party, as I said before.  They haven’t raised the money to keep the party going and don’t always support the candidates nominated by the Republican Party.  They do little of the work, but do most of the posturing, all of the yelling, and run around wrecking things.  Their attitude is to rule or ruin.  The local Democrats aren’t whizbang strategists or gifted politicians.  They are largely the beneficiaries of the Wrecking Crew who claim they are the only Republicans there are.  Many of them are refugees from states that are as blue as blue can be because they ran their own GOP into the ground.

Many of those people haven’t been here long enough to remember how many Democrats held countywide office in Knox County.  It wasn’t that long ago.

The Wrecking Crew is the biggest asset the Democrats have, nationally and locally.

Double Standards Rife In Academia

Scott Galloway, a Jewish professor at New York University, put things into perspective when he pointed out the double standard about hate speech enjoyed by the anti-Israel protesters.  “If I went into the NYU square with a white hood on and said ‘lynch the Blacks’ or ‘burn the gays,’ my ID would be shut off by that night,” Galloway said while appearing on “Morning Joe” on MSDNC.  “I would never work in academia again.  There would be no need for the words ‘context’ or ‘nuance,’ I wouldn’t be protected by the First Amendment or free speech.”

Of course, free speech has been curtailed for quite some time on the campuses of the elite and elitist colleges and universities.  Like all Leftists, they reserve that right for themselves and try and ban it for anyone else.

These people don’t have the sense God gave a goose.  There is a video circulating of a drag queen from a queer story time at a Massachusetts art center urging small children to shout, “Free Palestine.”  Ironically, the only area where gay people are treated like human beings in the Middle East is Israel.  Clearly, that drag queen had not heard about Abu Murkhiyeh who feared for his safety precisely because he was gay.  Where did he live?  Palestine of course.  Where did Murkhiyeh seek asylum?  Israel.  What happened to him?  His severed head and torso were found back in Hebron which he had earlier left.  The 25-year-old’s body was found near his family’s house.   An ugly and gruesome crime and some folks evidently need to be reminded homosexuality remains, at the very least, profoundly taboo in Palestine.


Our Deep Condolences To The Roberto Family

The Knoxville Focus family wishes to express our heartfelt sympathies to Knoxville City Councilman Andrew Roberto and his wife Sarah on the loss of their beautiful daughter Kylie.  We are very deeply sorry for your loss and that of your family.